Hey Trump, This is not The Apprentice, You Failed!

October 26th, 2020,

The Coronavirus is raging across the United States once more. It now has hit 8, 553,827 people in America and it has killed now, 224,221 thousand people in America. As the virus shows spikes across America and shows no sign of quitting or disappearing, Present Trump is out holding rallies as is his Vice President Pence. They require no masks or social distancing at their rallies, so they become Super Spreader Events. Do they even stop to see or understand they are only spreading the virus to their own supporters, do they care? No they don’t folks!

The Trump Administration has no plan or cure for the Coronavirus, no way to treat it or to save lives from it. They want to let it rage on and on till all of us suffer it and more dies from it, to go for herd immunity, nice huh! Sad if You Ask me!

I hope and pray all who wish to Vote in The coming November 3rd, Elections do so and have their voices heard. I know many are doing absentee voting and mail in ballots and some will rush the polls come November 3rd, not smart but it’s what they feel necessary, so let them do so. Personally my wife and I Voted On October 9th, here in our home town and put our ballots in the ballot box at our town hall.

As many can tell, I am not a Trump Supporter at all. I can’t support a President who has accomplished nothing, who ruins everything he touches, who lies to Americans on an average of 24 times a day. He promised to bring jobs back from overseas he failed. He promised to stop North Korea from getting and building Nukes Failed. He Promised to stop Russia from interfering in our elections, he failed. He promised to have Mexico pay to build his wall on the border he failed.Mexico told him where to go. He went to the United Nations and got laughed at, the first American President to ever be laughed at there. He was given a decent economy, tariffed and taxed himself right out of it and now it’s a recession heading to a depression. He pulled America from The Paris Climate Accords and doesn’t care about it either, so no clear path to clean up the environment, sad. So many failures on one President’s term it is amazing anyone believes in him at all.

He could have come clean with Americans way back in January of 2020, and warned Americans the Coronavirus was coming and told all of us to wear masks and social distance and saved many lives. Instead he lied to us all, it will disappear by Easter remember! Still today at the end of October the 26th, he is still preaching the Coronavirus will disappear, it won’t folks, nothing will happen with it, unless a vaccine is produced and that will have to go through trials and be safe for all to take. So figure sometime like June or July of 2021 to get it. He lies to all of us daily folks, and yet, Trump Supporters blindly follow him, listen to him and believe in him, they are definitely blinded to his faults and failures, for some reason. It is impossible to tell a Trump Supporter they are wrong they will argue for years against any fact you give them. I will never understand why they would do so and what they believe he has done for any of them, because he hasn’t done a damn thing.

What makes you think he will change in the next Four Years, he won’t! He hasn’t accomplished a damn thing fully and completely and he is stacking the courts and Supreme Court too. Sad. I listen to Trump supporters and they always say, he built the economy up, nope, They claim he brought jobs, nope, They claim, he built the wall, nope, but he did try to steal the money to do it! The claims are false as are his so called accomplishments. He is a sad excuse for a man. He still thinks he is the Boss on his Apprentice Show, he has no idea what to do or how to do any of it. So as Trump said for a few years on The Apprentice to others, Americans tell Trump, Your Fired!

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