Second Life is looked at as a Virtual World, it is based on the imagination of its users, right down to the builds of sims in it.

Second Life the Virtual World online, put out originally by Linden Labs of San Francisco, California is a place many users disappear to, when their homelife is poor or they are invalids or disabled and need it for entertainment. Many people come to Second Life online, to escape reality and to create and build worlds they can only imagine in real life and as a way to escape the savages and poor facts of their real life. Some enter Second Life for fun also, and others for adult purposes of interaction, verbally or in text, for sexual purposes or sexual adventures or role playing purposes.

Second Life has existed for many years now, since 2003 and it has grown and then shrunk and grown and shrunk again over the time since. It is estimated at the current time to have between 800,00 to 900,00 users across the world. It includes all nations, all nationalities, and all people who can reach it online.

Now some become excited when they join Second Life to learn to build, to interact with others, in virtual world, involves text, or typing, some voicing by way of mics and for any sexual performances or acts one must buy the parts to do so and be in adult sims in Second Life. Second Life is divided by rated areas, From General, to Moderate to Adult sections. each section contains sims built by members who have joined and pay for said sims to exist. Some are for Music, some for building, some for dancing, racing, motorcycle clubs and even gaming sims allowed in certain states and areas worldwide. Second lIfe and Linden Labs is very careful with their rules for games or gambling sims and adult sims too. They do not want trouble in the virtual world and will take action by blocking or banning those who cause it and problems between members, unless they break the rules and regulations of Second Life, they tend to stay out of.

I remind all, Second Life is looked at as a Virtual World, it is based on the imagination of its users, right down to the builds of sims in it. Imagination is what runs Second Life, but dramas between members cause problems of course, and the best way to avoid these dramas is to avoid the people you have them with. what many don’t understand is, some try to build sims and call them educational sims for certain purposes or lifestyles. Before you do so, remember this, you are not alone in doing so, nothing you write as long as you release it is Intellectual Property, once you give it out, on your own. You send someone information over the internet in Second Life whether it is a photo, instructions, rules, or ideas you wrote down, and claim to be for your sim only, it becomes public access, the person you send it to, can do as they please with it.

That said, people tend to think, they can treat others with disrespect, or in anger or just push or intimidate others in Second Life. You don’t have to put up with that at all folks, all you do is ban them , or block them in Second Life and carry on. There is nothing anyone can do to stop someone from doing anything or saying anything about what happens in Second Life if it is not said or done in Second Life, itself or on their servers. They have no legal justification, to step in, if it is not in their Virtual Program, or on Their Servers and people have the right to free speech in America. period.

A while back I got into an argument or disagreement with a Sim Owner in Second Life, and this person decided to ban me from their sim, No Objection there, I never went back of course and never will. Yet, I wanted a way to explain to all why I was banned by this person from their sim, because of the adult nature of the sim and the purpose it supposed, plus people asking me why, it happened. So I wrote blogs here, on my blog site, about it all and what happened and why and explained it all publically, for all to see.

These blogs, had the desired effect I wanted on the man and his sim. People read all the blogs and in the end his sim suffered for what he did. He lost traffic to his sim, his membership decreased and it slowed it down. So, he came after me for writing my blogs, chased and stalked me in Second Life first to a sim that had nothing to do with him or his sim, and then copied my personal information from my profile and tried to report me to Second Life as harassing him and stealing intellectual property. He failed, for he has no intellectual property to steal, since he sent me the information I used in my blogs of his own volition. As to harassing him, I never did or would in Second lIfe, not worth my time, yet he stalked me in a different sim. When the above failed to get me thrown out of Second Life, he and his cronies devised a plan to get me fired as a DJ on a sim that was related to his sim only by the type of adult sim it was. Well, when the Manager for said sim came to me with this problem, she asked me to take down said blogs, because they were beginning to be affected by the blogs, because the land owner they pay for their sim property was associated with the other man’s land too. So, I made a decision, I would leave said sim voluntarily and find a new place to DJ and I have. My reasoning was simple I didn’t wish to cause any trouble for the sim I DJed at, for they were good to me and vice versa. So, I took down the blogs and then changed Sims to Dj at. No the sim I Djed at did not fire me, so people know, they still carry Me on their DJ schedule, but I don’t do it, I left. My choice of course.

As to the blogs, regarding the sim, I stand behind them fully and always will. They may return at any time, and I know they made him change his ways and hide more on his personal sim and in his little sim, he controls. I also know that if he wants to grow his membership list, he will have to change his ways and rules, of what he does. He knows it, I know it, and his members know it too.

Last thing, I have noticed other sim owners in Second Life, who are into the BDSM, D/s Lifestyle have read my blogs, and I noticed that. Now to them I want to say something, I appreciate the fact you read the blogs, I also want to say, I hope you have noticed only one man and one sim is mentioned in said blogs.

I have no objection to the D/s or BDSM lifestyle at all and never have, the blogs were never about the lifestyle or anyone else who does it or likes it. This is about one person, one sim, the disrespect and lack of respect for his actions, his lies, and his cowardness and inability to tell the truth and to face someone face to face, and hash it out. Men face people and don’t hide. that’s number one, number two they are not afraid, so they have no reason to lie. Men also have a set of balls, and don’t hide behind female members and members of their sim for protection. Men don’t go crying to others for help and protection either, they stand up, face the truth, admit their mistakes, make changes as necessary to make it work and compromise. That’s how life goes, and that’s how real men make life work. Smart leaders come from smart followers folks, in order to be a good leader you have to be a good follower first, if your not, you have no damn idea, how to lead and shouldn’t. I don’t care if it is in Second Life or Real Life, it applies to both, just because one has a Degree from a College doesn’t make them a leader or smart, just says yes they passed the courses, if you can’t apply the information you lose. A college degree is a piece of paper only, experience, honesty, truth, open communication, listening, and compromising, gets you places, anything less fails.

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