The Unheard Do Speak!

  Everybody wants to be Heard!  That is what all will say, and age does not matter once you can speak. Many are overlooked, ignored, brushed aside, or told to shut up. People grow up in different situations, and different families. We grow up in such a way as we are told to or directed to by parents and relatives, not as nature intended us to be. We all want to be able to speak our mind, have our opinions and ideas and thoughts heard, it doesn’t matter who we are, by color, race, creed or sex, what does matter is we will fight until heard and acknowledged in some way.

   When, your a child of 4 or 5 years old you start questioning things around you, colors, shapes and items come into focus, but it takes longer for relationships to develop that we can grasp onto and that we as children and human beings can fully understand. Unless we are given freedom to explore and understand these relationships, we get lost. It happens to so many people in the world, that they will work till their dying day to be heard if, they, must. It is human nature to be that way for all of us. I would never deny that and nor should anyone else. Many hit snags, blocks or can’t be heard because they lack the ability to get loud enough or to find a way to express what they wish to say and convey it properly. Now we don’t realize this until one day, we try to convey a thought or words and we find ourselves being ignored or overlooked or brushed aside and go, “ What the hell, I am trying to tell you something”, Loud enough and hard enough that people go oh and realize your saying it to them out loud! Funny, it is at that point people finally go, you exist, you are for real, you are here, and we need to listen. That is how it goes for many in the world, those the quiet ones, as I call them, who sit back, and you do not hear from. It is called all we want to do, is be Heard! So, we struggle until we find a way to be heard! This is how we get our politicians, our writers, our poets, our public speakers and in the end the people who were never heard are finally heard, through written words, or public speaking. They end up coming out, speaking in their own ways, and when finally heard get recognized as individuals with something worthy to say. That also makes them important to the society we live in, in the world.

  Some grow up to write for newspapers, some become news people on TV, others write books or blogs or articles on subjects few would even think of. They quietly plug along, subject after subject, article or book or poem, trying to be heard and tell what they need to and they do not look for fame they look to be noticed, only. They are the ones who are unheard, but finally find a way. They become important in their own ways, through the struggle to be heard. They just want to be counted, acknowledged and able to finally say something and be constructive and worthy of some attention, for once in their lives. They are the Unheard!

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