Are you really betting Trump is your best bet to run for President in 2024 and your all going to hitch your wagon to him? Seriously?

I want all to remember the following names, when The Trial of Donald J. Trump, starts for the second time in The U.S. Senate ! Remember them for the cowards they are, the ass kissers they are, the fools they are. Ted Cruz, Mitch McConnell, Josh Hawley, Kevin McCarthy,Marco Rubis, Rand Paul, and others, Forty Five Republicans don’t wantt o put Trump on Trial for sedition and insurrection, yet national media outlets, CNN, FOX, ABC, CBS and NBC all know and can show Trump causing said in Washington, DC and sending the mob to the Capital to do, so, plus inciting it all with his hate speech, to try to overturn a legal election?

Someone needs to tell these Republicans they were victims just like everyone else, they were led astray and grifted and lied to by Trump just like America was for four years! They were convinced by a loser of a man to believe, in what he said, he hammered it into all of you and now you willing to protect him, from paying for all he did? are You all serious?

The Republican Party needs new leadership at the top, from Trump on down to Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell. The sad part is, Republicans just blindly follow these lunatics, like they allow the female republican to run around attacking victims of gun violence and do nothing.Marjorie Taylor Greene  is a total shame and sadly sick woman, attacking shooting victims who want guns gone, by asking him why he supports getting rid of guns. sad.

The American People demand Justice, we demand Trump be put on Trial and Convicted. No man is above the law, Republicans, no man has a right to send a mob to our Capital and to cause a riot that destroys the people’s property or scares the hell out of the People’s Representatives and Senators and forces them into a hidden room below the building.! Yet Republicans want to try to say Trump didn’t do this, that’s crap folks. It’s in his speeches, it’s in his actions and lack of actions as it went on, Trump is Guilty Period.

To Close let me say this to the forty five Republicans who voted to throw this trial out, what happens is the next President is a Democrat who does this, will you throw it out then? Let me ask, what are you afraid that Trump can do to you? What mysterious power do you think an ex-President who committed Sedition and Insurrection has over you and your Party? Are you really gonna follow this man further down the road, as it all blows up in his face and yours cause it will. The Proof is simply in the number Republicans, there are over 84 million who voted against Trump in 2020, and 74 million who voted for him, the odds are against all of you!

You will have to face the 2022 midterm elections and then the 2024 Election cycles next, do you think you will survive it, as a party? Are you really betting Trump is your best bet to run for President in 2024 and your all going to hitch your wagon to him? Seriously?

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