You don’t belong to hold the Office of Senator of The United States, if you fail to Convict Donald J. Trump!

I have heard how the Republicans all voted against the Trial for Trump that will happen in the Senate soon. Now there are 50 Republicans in said Senate and out of them 45 decided they didn’t want to have a Trial for Trump? Yes, I know that’s true it’s been reported for sure on public media outlets everywhere! Sadly!

Rand Paul calls impeachment ‘dead on arrival’ after most Republicans signal that trial is unconstitutional! This Senator is from Kentucky and a Doctor, yet he signed the Jury Book in The Senate without a mask on top of trying to stop the Trial from happening period. So, I have to ask, what is wrong with the people of Kentucky, to have elected Rand Paul and Mitch McConnell in the same damn state? Are Kentuckians, really, that backwoods? Or is it something in the food they eat down there?

Let me say something to the so called 45 Republicans who voted against having the Trial in The Senate for Trump’s Insurrection and Sedition, Number 1- Trump is as Guilty as a man can get, it will be shown live before America on television, as it was recorded in the Senate. 2)- If you want to argue over witnesses coming in, there are so many, it would take years to do it. 3) The Senate and The House of Representatives as well as The Former Vice President Pence are witnesses and victims of what happened and what of the property damage and the ones who died from this January 6th, 2021, day that Trump caused and Incited? Are you that blind, or stubborn and still hitching your wagon to Trump’s. Let me tell you Trump is a loser Republicans, all 45 of you have now hitched your wagons to a loser, who’s road will be to a jail cell, civil suites and, criminal charges, of all kinds. You think by denying Trump did this and not wanting to have this Trial, you can make it all disappear, it won’t.

What will happen if the Next President does the same? You are allowing a man who committed Sedition and Insurrection against The United States of America, get away with this? Are you serious?

If Trump is not convicted of Sedition and Inciting this riot against the Capital and America’s Government it will be the mistake any of you 45 Republicans, who are riding this gravy train can ever make, in your political and real lifes. If you don’t believe and understand this, let me make something clear for you all 45, take a look at all ex-employees of Trump’s Administration and the fact no one wants to hire one of them, anywhere.

What’s sad is, Republicans you believe, it’s not legal to do something Impeachment was set up to prevent in the first place, by the Forefathers of our nation. You can cry foul, say it is illegal it isn’t period and each of you can look it up in the History of Congress itself and your Senate too.

So tell me something why are you all trying to protect Trump? I remind you, he sent his people into the Capital, he didn’t speak up to stop them, he didn’t care if they killed Pelosi, Schumer, McConnell, McCarthy or any other member of The House or Senate, regardless of Party, why, so he could change the election results of 2020, which he lost.

He failed and now you want to coddle, and protect Donald J. Trump, who sat in the White House and watched as his people rampaged through the Capital Building, hunting for Vice President Pence, Speaker Pelosi and others, and then forget those who died that day trying to protect all of you, when they led you to safety and protected yours asses? That’s as sad of an excuse as I have ever heard or seen, for a lack of backbone and balls, as I have ever seen in my entire, 65 year old life!

If you fail to Convict Donald J. Trump of Sedition and Insurrection, you fail as politicians, you fail as human beings and you are morally corrupt and have no ethics left. You have lost all morals, all standards and all care about The American people and our country and Constitution!.

You don’t belong to hold the Office of Senator of The United States, if you fail to Convict Donald J. Trump! That goes for any worthless Republican who hides and does not vote to Convict this man, whether you are female or male, you should be removed from the Senate immediately and impeached yourselves. You’re a sad excuse for human beings if you don’t see what he did to our country, our democracy and the Republic we live in and our Constitution!

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