Stand up to a twice Impeached President banish Trump from Politics and Office forever more?

Ok Trump’s Trial will start on February 9th, in The Senate! Let me say this to the Senate, before you come in already determined to vote Trump Innocent and acquit his ass, you Republicans, pay attention to the damn evidence and wake up. For the party of Lincoln, you republicans, today show no courage, no guts, or common sense or logic. Lincoln himself would shake his head and laugh at today’s republicans for the choices they are making and the shit they are letting Trump get away with.

I think, the prosecutors for this trial should bring all of Trump’s speeches, all of the film footage of the day of the Insurrection also. While they are at it, they need to put up witnesses who cowered, hid and ran from The senate and house on the day in question and let them speak about ho wthey felt as they were led out and escorted to safety and how they felt locked in a secure room waiting and wondering if these people were going to get to them to kill them. Go ahead!

Subpoena, all the witnesses, bring the tapes, recordings and footage and play it for all to relive the events. Bring up to testify AOC, Pence, Pelosi herself. please. Don’t worry about the crap of threats of Lindsey Graham saying if you bring witnesses they will too. It’s a damn hollow threat on the Republicans side, to try to save Trump is all!. Bring in the now jailed people one by one and let them testify as to why they were there that day. Each one will tell you they came to Washington because Trump told them to, they attacked and rushed the Capital cause Trump told them to. Please bring them as witnesses, they now face conspiracy charges, and more and will be going to prison, all because they listened to Donald J. Trump and did as he asked them to.

Capitol insurrection arrests made in 2021–They now number in the Hundreds folks!

This page list over 230 arrested at the Capitol on January 6th, 2021. Lets get them to the Capitol one by one and in front of the Senate to Answer questions under oath. Lets see how many Lindsey Graham and his cohorts can produce to say Trump is innocent, I would love to see it. They have no one who will deny Trump led and produced this! He called them To Washington, DC. He told them to March to The Capitol, he told them Pence would not support him and wouldn’t change the results. He told them to go to the Capitol and now he denies it. What a liar!!!!

When this Trial starts America watch it. Listen to the evidence, call and text and email and Twitter these Republicans to hell about it, make them do the right thing and make them Convict Donald J. Trump and remove the threat of him ever running for office again, anywhere. Get him banned from Politics, The Republican Party and put him in prison!!!. Do something right for once Republicans, be American, reveal the truth and stop it, before it gets worse !!!!!!!!

My one question for the Republican Party is where went the real Republicans, the ones with integrity, honesty, truth and guts? Where did the real Republicans who care about America go, the ones who had the guts to take on Nixon, the ones who took on Reagan, the ones who believe in Lincoln, tell me please?

Is The Republican Party no longer a strong enough party to stand up to a twice Impeached President and to do what is right by banishing Trump from Politics and Office forever more?

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