The United States Senate needs to act like Adults, Lawmakers and Vote to Convict Donald J. Trump!

2/10/2021- The Trump Trial the Second for him, will be underway shortly, after they debated the Constitutionality of it yesterday. The Senate found it was fine to do in a 56-44 vote.

One thought here for all to consider the United States has had a total of four impeachments, two belong to Donald J. Trump in one four year term. That should tell you something!

As it gets underway today, we will see, the evidence that comes out on Trump’s culpability in the whole plot and how he incited and caused the Insurrection. I want to say this now, Donald J. Trump is guilty period!

The Proud Boys, The Qanoon and the Oath Groups all stated publicly they were there because Trump called them there. He called them to Washington, DC., then he spoke to them, incited them and directed them to the Capital. He told them Pence was not doing his bidding, he told them many things like, ” We are going to march down Penn Ave. and that he would be there” In The end the rioters took over at his inciting of them and they overran the barriers and the Capital Police , killing some and injuring many. They destroyed property costing the taxpayers for repairs, stole computers and information and looked for information to use against the Senators and Congressmen and women. Now, tell us who is going to pay for these damages and injuries and lives that were lost on January 6th, 2021?

The Republicans are going to keep kissing Trump’s ass and protecting him and not convict him it seems. They believe it is wrong to try Trump, if he is out of office, I remind them he was Impeached while in office and the Senate has no choice in completing the process by holding this trial.

The Republicans are lost and floundering, and going crazy in my opinion. They have no direction without Trump and no one is stepping up to lead then in the correct direction here. The Republican Party, the GOP as they are called are no longer, a viable party in my opinion. They are no longer the Republican Party of Lincoln, or Reagan, they are now a bunch of Trump sycophants is all. They all want to kiss Trump’s ass and ring and protect him, after he sent mobs in on them to kill them and destroy the Capital and after he forced them to run to safe quarters like cowards, scared shitless. It’s sad!!!!!!!!!

The Videos showed Trump in action, the crowds reactions to his words and in the end those rioters even admit and say they were there because Trump called them and sent them and they were doing as he said. The Democrats need to bring those rioters to the Senate as witnesses to tell how Trump incited them and told them what to do. call the Witnesses!!!! Lets, have some Senators step up as Witnesses too, stand up and tell the truth is all they need to do. Show the pictures, of the senators hiding in the Senate and the Representatives hiding in The House as doors are knocked on and almost knocked down. Call the Officers who stood their ground and protected the Senators, standing there with guns drawn! Show them who was protecting them and who incited the whole damn thing, President Donald J. Trump sitting in The White House watching it all on TV and smiling away, happy as hell.

As this Trial goes on America, each citizen with a brain, guts and intelligence, needs to call their Senators and tell them to Convict Donald J. Trump and stop him from holding any office again. A failure by any Senator to Convict Donald J. Trump and Vote for conviction is a joke, a farce and in the end them siding with Trump. If they side and vote to Acquit they need to be removed from Office as Senators.

Why do they protect Trump. what control does he have over these Republican Senators? We need an Investigation into each Senator who backs Trump, for he is now a former President he has no political power and in the end these Republicans still back him, why?

America wants Trump gone, they Voted him out, they want his influence gone too! The Republicans fear Trump’s Tweets well no more Tweets for him. The United States Senate needs to act like Adults, Lawmakers and Vote to Convict Donald J. Trump!

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