They will have no choice shortly, live with it Republicans. or keep losing! Period.

America needs a future, one that is bright, clear and honorable. We need an America that is filled with Justice, caring, honesty and most of all equality!

Too many times have I heard people hating this one or that one or this group or that group, or this race or that race, it’s sad! Racial, sexual, or age discrimination sucks, lets face some facts that counters all of the discriminations.

Let’s start at birth, we all come into the world in the same damn way, we are all birthed by a woman and we come into the world, then get slapped on the ass and cry. Period there is no other way to get into the world I hope that is clear as day for all. I don’t care what the color of your skin is, what race your a part of , what nationality you are. what sex you are, or if you are gay, straight or whatever your preference is. Bottom line is we all seek, recognition, we all seek respect, we all seek love and caring and how we get it should only matter to those we get it from and those we give it to. Respect me and I shall respect you, equality means, we are all the same and if you can’t realize that well, you have a real problem.

In America we all, get vaccinated at birth or shortly there after, we all go home to our families. Now, where does prejudice and discrimination come from, it is the home we live in and what we are taught,as children, that creates it. We learn it in our parental homes from our parents or our older siblings who have learned it from our parents or some friend we met, in the world. at some point we all face it, if we all reject it, the world would be such a better place, believe me.

So let me show you what I mean when I say we are all the same and equal. We all need help after birth, our diapers are changed, we are all washed and fed by parents as babies, aren’t we? Yes we are.

Now we all grow up playing with other kids outside in our neighborhoods. We learn from them too, as we go. We all seek out a significant other as we reach our teens too. and then we all grow up and have to work for a living in the world of some sort. so you see, we are not different. we all bleed, we all cry when hurt, we all get angry when offended, we all avoid those we dislike, period. So, how are we so different from one another, we aren’t folks! If we have differences with anyone we all learn to avoid them, to stay away from them and if we like them or admire them we hang out with them, so how are we all different? Sadly, many like to say we are different because we are different skin tones, nationalities, or because of our sexual preferences, but we aren’t really. I always said this from when I was a child, I don’t care what your preferences are, as long as you don’t force anything on me, I am fine with you, when you cross that line the trouble begins, so don’t do it folks. be real, be kind, be polite, kindness goes a lot further then hate or meanness and it lasts longer and makes life so much better, for all of humanity, doesn’t it? Hate and destruction is awful and so many face it daily and they shouldn’t have to and anyone putting it out should be ignored and avoided.

That all said, we need to stop the divisiveness, the anger and be real in America. Here is reality for all Americans and yes, even Trump Supporters and Maga followers of all kinds. Donald J. Trump lost the 2020 Presidential election, he lost by over 7 million votes in the popular vote and he lost by 302 Electoral votes also. I don’t care what or who is telling you he will return as President on March 4th or 5th or whatever their claiming, he won’t. If anything happens to President Joe Biden, you will be living with a President Kamala Harris, it is the order it goes in under the Constitution and our laws. So for all of these Trump Supporters, yelling, screaming and claiming Trump won, he didn’t, saying he will be President on March 4th or 5th, he won’t. His lies will not get him back in office, either.

As to his return for another run at the Presidency in 2024, I remind all Trump Supporters, there were more supporters of Joe Biden that voted against Trump then there are all of you. Do you really think, Americans are so gullible and unintelligent that we would put Trump back in the Presidency after he failed at everything he touched, has all the Covid deaths on his hands and was Impeached twice in a single four year term? Be Realistic now! It won’t happen on March 4th or 5th and it will not happen in 2024 either. So wake up, stop the bullshit, be real and stop the hate and rhetoric and let’s move on.

Americans must be realistic, we must be smart, we must be united to survive covid-19 and the dangers of the world, drop the Trump bullshit, the hate mongering and divisiveness and let’s move on and heal. It’s time for the United States period, not three parties or a new party that is all Trumpers. America has two parties, Democrats and Republicans and the Republicans have to make their choice concerning Trump. Stick with him and lose, or dump him and move on with a chance to win and a new Candidate. They will have no choice shortly, live with it Republicans. or keep losing! Period.

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