The Republican Party is no longer a real party, it is now a Trump Cult!

The Republican CPAC will happen this weekend in Florida and Donald Trump will be a speaker there. Now the real question is what does Donald Trump have to really say to all Republicans?

Will Donald Trump discuss the fact he failed at so many things as President he is an embarrassment to the Republican Party and the country as a whole, I doubt it. Will he recognize the facts about his election loss? I don’t think so, so I will help all Republicans here with my Blog, so they can face the harsh facts, up front. Donald J. Trump failed to control, treat or handle the Coronavirus in anyway, and has the blood and deaths of over 400 million Americans on his hands. He failed period and did not act to stop or attempt to stop or even slow it down. Failed Period.

First Donald J. Trump failed at everything he did as President Period. He failed at each step he tried to take, his Executive Orders are now gone too. He failed to build the wall between the USA and Mexico, He failed to have Mexico pay for it too. He failed trying to kill ObamaCare or coming up with a Health Plan of his own too. He failed in the Middle East, he failed in Korea with Kim, who is now laughing at him and building as many missiles as he pleases, due to Trump’s failure to stop him. So many failures!

Trump destroyed the economy given to him buy the Obama Administration, also. He never brought back any jobs from overseas back, like he claimed he would, either. He failed at so many things and his lack of leadership, just left America crippled on the World Stage. He pulled us from important agreements needed for Climate Control, and tried to remove America from the National Stage period. His performance as President is the Worst Ever in American History as President.

I remind you, he is being investigated for Tax Fraud, Illegal Business transactions, rape and sexual harassment of women, left and right. Add to the above facts he is the first and only President to be Twice Impeached in American History, and the only President to incite a Insurrection against his own Government and country. And The Republicans want to allow him to speak at their CPAC event and he will speak the same claims of a false election once more, just worded differently? Why?

What’s wrong here, is the Republicans, are a pitiful party with a lack of leadership and guts and balls, and they are scared of Trump so they will let him say and do as he pleases, as long as they think they can use his 74 million voters to get them, re-elected, in their next runs. But, some facts many Republicans are not listening or paying attention to, I believe, if they were, they would see how the Republican Party is shrinking by high numbers, the Independents are growing from it all.

They would see for themselves, that the followers of Maga and Trump are being arrested for their participation in said Insurrection and as they get before Judges and Juries, are clearly stating, Trump called them to do the Insurrection and that, they did it all, at his bidding and for him. Yes, his so called faithful and loyal, Maga Followers, OathKeepers, Qannon followers, are all standing in court and pointing at Trump and saying they did it for their President. So how do you avoid those facts Republicans?

Here is what is worse, The Republicans in the Senate standing up, denying Biden won the election and that he did it legally and didn’t steal a damn thing. Senators like Ted, Cruz, Josh Hawley, Ron Johnson, Lindsey Graham, and now, even Mitch McConnell, kissing Trump’s ass and cozying up to Trump after all he has done and still backing him, if he attempts to run in 2024.

It’s sad that The Republican Party is so weak and gutless that they won’t tell Trump no, these male Republicans are outshined by Liz Cheney, who has the guts to stand up and say Trump doesn’t deserve to be a part of The Republican party or to be anywhere near the party at all, after he incited the Insurrection against our Capital and Country as a whole. Liz Cheney has more guts, brains and intelligence than all of these male Senators period, she speaks the truth and is honest and knows Trump doesn’t belong anymore and never really did. Sadly, these male Senators who are Republicans are cowards, gutless, balless and such sycophants that they will back Trump no matter what, to try to use his followers to get themselves re-elected, that’s the bottom line folks. They know if they don’t have Trump’s followers, they can’t get re-elected on their own. Sad, but oh so true folks!

Now to all authorities out there in Florida and watching the CPAC, law enforcement, FBI, State and City Police, CIA, and more, I want you to pay strict and hard attention to all that occurs at the CPAC, especially all Donald J. Trump says and does. If his words, incite a new riot, or he attempts to call for a second wave attack on our Capital, or our current President or Administration or Congress in anyway, he should be arrested on the spot and cuffed and dragged to jail, immediately and the same goes for his sons, and anyone else working with or for him, at the CPAC, who tries to do the same.

If The Republicans can’t find a better candidate for the 2024 Presidential Election, then Donald J. Trump, they should close the party tent, and just surrender and disappear. As it sits now, the Republican Party, that was once the proud Conservative Party, The Grand Old Party of Lincoln and Reagan, is now a hollow shell of what it once was. It is now all Trump’s Party and the Republicans have failed the Conservatives of America, period!

Don’t let Donald J. Trump, control and run the Republican Party, because there will be fewer Republicans in the House and Senate in 2022 and 2024, and every Republican with a brain knows it too. Sadly, The Republican Party is no longer a real party, it is now a Trump Cult!

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