Any suggestions? I am open to listening to the pros and cons of course! XBox

Currently I am debating what to do with my XBox One S. Now I don’t’ use it much. I played Assassin’s Creed Odessey and Origins on it, Call of Duty games, Division and Division 2, Madden NFL 2020, and such. But, I haven’t used it that much period.

So, I am looking at selling it and the games i have for around 230 bucks or so and trying to go all digital, with the new XBox S. It’s smaller and all Digital of course and doesn’t use discs. What I am wondering is it worth buying now, or is Microsoft discontinuing it all? Secondly if they aren’t, is it worth it to buy the new one at 299.00, plus All Access for free games, for two years? Is it really worth the money and is it better then what I have already before I sell it?

I have heard rumors Microsoft is discontinuing XBox period, is that true and if not, why are the rumors surfacing?

I like console gaming yes, but only so much, I prefer games that are Adventures, Role Playing, or Shooters, myself, they are fun and multiplayer. I like the online interaction and competition of course, even though I suck at it, the kids are faster and better than I.

Anyway, XBox has many games built for it all, of all kinds so the variety is nice when playing, when I have the time of course. So, It will be a decision to make for me. Do I sell the Xbox I have and the games and go digital with the new one or keep what I got? Time shall tell, as it should tell what Microsoft is doing next!

Any suggestions? I am open to listening to the pros and cons of course!

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