You are just ensuring the Democrats a real good chance of winning in 2024 and beyond. Have fun doing so!

As America has now reached 10 percent vaccinated and growing, Texas and other states relaxed masks requirements and are opening up again. Now, I believe they are far too soon with this process and doing what they want, but they believe it will be fine. Well I hope in the next three to four weeks they are still happy doing so, but I doubt it, because the virus in all it’s strains, is still running rampant through the non vaccinated population. Don’t be surprised folks when more get sick and more die and the numbers start to rise, science and medical personnel know what will come and have predicted it as so.

When the deaths and hospitalized numbers climb again, what will happen to those who took the mandates down? And do they know the extra deaths and hospitalizations, will be their fault and responsibility? And how do you say I am sorry to the families, who have to live with the loss of their loved ones, or sit by the ones hospitalized, as they fight to live? Sadly, they don’t seem to care or think about it do they?

Shortly within the next couple of days, Biden’s Covid-19 Relief Bill will pass Congress and head to his desk for his signature. It is vital for many reasons, increases in money to the people, help with unemployment checks, a boost to the economy too. Non- of which should have been Biden’s to do or fix, but The Trump Administration failed to respond correctly in anything it did. Trump left, and did not pass any COvid-19 information on, including any plan to disperse the vaccination across the country and into American’s shoulders. he failed at so many things, it is sad he ever held the Title of President.

I tire of die-hard Trumpers, Qanon and MAGA followers who still support him, they are lost without common sense or reason to guide them. They rant and rave and repeat conspiracies that never existed. It’s sad thing to see, when people get so brainwashed and so outrageous in believing false things like they do.

No Trump did not return to the Presidency on March 4th folks and he isn’t coming back either, face it ok. He lied to you and to the world, and no one is going to vote for him to return in the numbers he will need in the future so forget 2024 too. Who is dumb enough to Re-Elect a total failure back to the presidency, one impeached twice? Who is dumb enough not to see he evaded taxes, raped women, and harassed them too. Why Trump Supporters follow him and what they think he did so well, is wrong, there was no greatness about Donald J. Trump period and never will be either.

Now let me say this so all you Trumpers dont go crazy and get all mad, no President is great, no President was perfect from Washington to Biden today. All make mistakes, but the good ones do it and apologize and fix it all, so it works correctly, They don’t lie constantly, they don’t cheat and avoid paying taxes or refuse to reveal their taxes. They don’t order the caging of children at the borders either. They don’t pull us from pacts to save the environment and planet. They don’t offer dictators rides on Air Force One ! It’s so sad in many ways.

Let me finish this today, with very surprising facts, one Biden has tripled the production of the vaccine, he has tripled the amount of Americans vaccinated too. He is passing a relief bill not aimed at the rich but at the middle class and below. He is holding his people responsible for whatever actions or talking they do.

In The meantime The Republicans do nothing and vote no on everything put forth. There is no partisanship, no compromising nothing and Senators and Representatives of that party, still deny Biden won the 2020 Election, why? It’s over Republicans, Biden Won, trump is gone and if you try to bring him back, he will destroy the Republican Party as a Party, you have already lost millions of members. so keep going. You are just ensuring the Democrats a real good chance of winning in 2024 and beyond. Have fun doing so!

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