Just ask me, for it has for me.

As we live our lives, we tend to take things for granted. We tend to believe all of it will be there everyday of our lives and it will continue till the day we die. We don’t tend to pay attention to how fast things can change for us and all around us. And they do change fast and sudden folks.

When your living your life and it goes by easily and fast, you tend to get in the mode of this is just how it is. Then one day, one accident happens, one person dies, something changes, you lose the money to do as you please your job goes bye bye, or a disease hits. Suddenly your grasping to hold onto something, your praying someone doesn’t die, or your praying for the recovery of your loved one or ones. One accident, one fall, one moment in time, all you once had is gone or put at risk and you struggle to survive and carry on yourself.

How many realize how fast it may change, how fast what you depend upon, love and live for can disappear, until suddenly one day it happens, and your left standing alone wondering what to do next.

Decisions must be made, you suddenly have to figure out what to do next. Is that person going to be alive still, need a place to help them, or how much will it cost and how do I pay to keep them alive and safe? Questions abound how to pay the bills, can I stay in my home, do I move, what can I afford, how long will this keep going on? Is there a future for me, can I recover if i lose them, is there anyone to help me?

We don’t tend to prepare for such things as accidents and falls. Thus we find ourselves, flaying about trying to find answers, trying to survive in a sudden state of emergency and panic. Then the vultures start appearing and come around and look for what they can get out of it all. Then, as you going thru the hurt the pain, the hopes diminish, you start to go into self preservation mode, survival mode, you have no choice, to survive yourself, you must do so. You have to do whatever, it takes to keep going. It becomes protect the loved one, but protect yourself too. A mean game to play in this world.

Don’t take anything for granted folks, you will lose in the end if you do. Don’t take anything for granted or get in amode of it’s here it won”t disappear, because one day it will. Just ask me, for it has for me.

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