Make America, the country it should be.

Ok, is Joe Biden an upgrade over Donald Trump? Seems to be the question of the year so far. well my opinion is simple really, it is night and day and you can see that in the number of people vaccinated and the availability of the vaccines and the help people are getting under the Biden Administration.

That is just the beginning of course when you compare them. Many differences in attitudes and thinking and positiveness come into play. Education assistance, Assistance for people without jobs or homes. Legal actions on gun laws and more and that is the difference Biden cares, Trump was selfish and corrupt and uncaring. That is why America is better off now.

When Trump was in office the violence was twice as big as now. racial views and acts were everywhere in America. anger rose under Trump, America was isolated under Trump, that is now, no more. So, I have seen the hate trump fed and I have had to deal with it and many had to too. Happily it is gone now. As we move forward we will always have violence but it does not need to be incited and pushed and promoted by a President and Biden will not do that. Thank God!

Even in April of 2021, there are still die hard Trump supporters, they call Trumpers who are pushing his lies about the election and other things they have no business promoting of pushing. The anger they cause and the violence is not good for america as a nation period, it should be discouraged.

The Trumpers don’t get what Trump did in inciting the violence and mob at the Capital that dya, he didn’t get it himself and he choose to ignore it, even though 4 or is it 5 people have died from it all. Now, Trump can never be re-elected President in my view and i hope all of america has woken up to the facts, of what he did, by now.

Insurrection, and violence against your own Government should be a crime and trump should be charged for doing it based on his speeches and actions. I am amazed it hasn’t happened as of yet, and i hope it will happen for even an Ex-President can face charges for actions he took as President and should in this case.

Lets Accept the changes Biden has put forward, let’s do infrastructure, healthcare, vaccines and fight the pandemic together. Let Unite and fight and defend our country. Let’s not sit and fight over what Trump did or did not do, let’s move forward and unite now and forever and make America the country it should be.

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