Isn’t it better to stay alive, then to take a chance and die?

I hear Republicans, shouting, I hear Democrats shouting back. the political game continues as people hurt for money, hurt for help, hurt for food and try to survive a pandemic that is killing people. Instead of being on one page, one team and helping Americans survive this covid-19 virus and all of the variants, we have assholes screaming publically it’s all a ruse!

Let me say this to all, JIm Jordan and other slike him attacking, Anthony Fauci over this virus is stupid, assine and shows just how stupid Jordan really is. But if you were watching this so called debate or questioning that happened you will see, Jordan wears a mask as he does it too. There is an old saying I learned as a child from my parents, it goes as follows, Never bite the hand that feeds you, Jordan is biting the medical experts leading the charge against a deadly virus that is killing people world wide and for what reason other than to spread false information, his illustrious leader he loves so much, Donald Trump, the worst President in america ever, put out.

The Republican Party needs to get rid of Jim Jordan, Matt Gaetz and others still shouting the Trump bullshit lines word for words. They are lost and still brainwashed by Trump and his people, no one is buying it!

As they shout Americans are losing their liberties, Jordan says, well no one is losing any liberties you can choose to go maskless if you wish and do as you wish. The CDC and Authorities are not locking you down, they are suggesting what will keep you alive. So, why are these people like Jim Jordan attacking the leading viral authority in the world public on television, to what purpose does he do so? All he is doing is making a performance and showing how ignorant he is of science and facts and putting on an act for all to see. It’s sad indeed!

Look, I am old now, I am 65, I know of polio vaccines I had them as a kid, mumps, chicken pox and others. The vaccines didn’t kill me folks, or billons of others overthe years either. I have both vaccine shots and got them in March from the Veteran’s administration. They are safe and yes we may need booster shots in the future to keep us going, but it is better to get a shot or two or three and be safe then to walk around, and run into someone with covid-19 or a variant and get sick and die! I see people running around maskless, within six feet or closer and in packs like dogs and cats. Well do what you shall folks, but I ask, are you willing to risk getting this virus and having to fight to survive and maybe ultimately dying from it? You Tell me America, a mask is light weight, social distancing doesn’t stop internet viewing or visiting, it doesn’t stop you from seeing family or friends unless you can’t pay the service to do so. But, even then, isn’t it better to stay alive then to take a chance and die?

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