Thats the real choice we, as, Americans, must make!

July 1st, 2021, As I start my day with a coffee and try to wake up, a million thoughts hit me, as to what is happening in the world, in life, politics, America and more. I think all Americans who are over 50 start to think things over as they slow down and have opinions on all that they see in news, on television, hear on radio or even read in papers.

The Reporters, Media and Actors all have opinions of their own on each subject too. The Sadness of the condo collapse in Florida, the shootings across our nation, the hate and anger in politics and the evil in it all, too. The facts are, the part we must face each day, just as we must face aging, declining health, and the ultimate, death.

Life is a short period on a planet that supports us all and keeps us alive, that we tend to ignore, abuse and use up it’s resources at a rate it can not replenish, itself, anymore. The vital resources we need to survive are disappearing now at a greater rate, than ever before. Climate Change is big, temperatures soar, water gets harder to find, fires start and yes even roads melt and soften under our feet. Yet we still burn gas and put emissions into our atmosphere and destroy it’s ozone layer, causing our planet to burn up a little at a time. Mankind is killing the only planet that does support us and keep us going and we are not paying attention to what we are doing. In the end, will Earth, end up being like Mars or the Moon, a husk of its former self, and mankind no longer in existance? It seems to me that is where the future of earth and humanity is heading, because we are not focused enough on saving ourselves and our planet.

I am not a scientist, or envromentalist, or a Doctor with a PHD or Master at anything. I am an average man, living in America and watching as the climate changes, temperatures rise, water depletes and the air gets polluted and our atmosphere breaks down at faster rates each day, week, month, and year that passes. Why, doesn’t mankind understand what it is doing to itself, and it’s own planet, that keeps us alive?

Instead, we are interested in, who has nukes and can end it all with one push of a button, or who has more oil, then who. Or, Who has more power as a leader, or a political party. In America we change gears only for disasters it seems, like hurricanes, tornados and such, or for mass shootings and killings and events, we cause, ourselves, because, we lose control of ourselves.

No human being is perfect folks we all know that and that includes you or me. some are better than others in nature or personality, or character. or more educated or have higher IQs, that we all know, is true. Many of us get blinded, or misled, or unbalanced and things go awry, so to say. Sometimes it is jealousy, sometimes it is caused by greed, or a power hunger and we grasp for and grab more than we should, we do things we shouldn’t and in the end we destroy ourselves and drag down, all, around us

Countries rise and fall, businesses rise and fall and so do empires. We see it everyday, but we don’t reconignize it, or pay attention to it, because we are too busy trying to get ahead, too busy making money, being greedy, or too selfish and can’t stop to not hurt someone and we do more harm then good. Life is not easy for anyone who is human, the planet, climate changing, fires raging, rains falling, where they didn’t before, changes all around us, the constant flux is becoming too much for humanity to keep up with.

America is such a country, that we don’t tend to realize all around us, we are not fully aware of all we do, or do not, do. If we slowed down, weren’t so greedy, demanding, wanting and needing we would realize, we don’t need two of everything we can buy, we don’t need millions to survive, we don’t need much more than basics, food, water and air. Yes, we like all the extras, the two of everything we can get our hands on, so we can smile at others and say yep, I got my fair share. But we are greedy, we are uncaring in so many ways it is a sad sight to see as the world burns around us, people die from disasters and climate change brings us closer to our demise as a species and planet.

I can point to many current events to prove my point here. The Building collapse in Florida of the condos for one. Letters written to tell them, of the problems and no one stopped to read them, or if they did they puposely ignored them and the building pancaked, killing hundreds. Why, Greed, they didn’t want to pay for the repairs or lose the rental profits.

The breakdown of the Justice system now over the Cosby Case and a technocality. A rapist goes free because a DA, made a deal verbally, and screwed up is all. Make no mistake it is a rapist who is going free, he admitted it, himself. He can cry, he’s innocent but facts are facts and they are out there to see for yourself.

The Breakdown of The American Congress is another example for all to see. It’s all about power grabbing, jockeying for power and position now. As they fight out what party is in charge, they make decisions not to help each other, or to compromise at all and who gets hurt in the end you and me, yes the American People. We lack proper healthcare coverage, infrastructures are falling apart, climate is out of control, water shortages happening, fires blaze, and Congress locks itself up and wont act for any reason because they are more worried about who is the majority and in power? Sad!

People are dying, Covid rages, Gas Prices rise, people are hungry, we have homeless on our streets, and no one acts to stop it or change it? Why, because people are pety, people are selfish, people are jeaolous, people are greedy, and politicans are foolish. Thats why America is falling from grace, and power and position too. Logic, Common Sense, Compassion, Caring is gone in America and we are destroying ourselves.

Stop and think folks, Canada, Switzerland, and other countries have Healthcare for all, Canada has cleaner streets than America, why can’t we do, Healthcare for all? I will tell you what we do folks, put together a bi-partisan group of six, send them to the countries that have healthcare for all, examine how they did it and paid for it and made it work and bring it here and lets establish and adjust it for all Americans to be covered. If they can do it, we can too, that much, I can tell you! we just have to want to do it!

Next major issue here in America, the politicians of America in general. Lets talk why they can’t compromise, why they are doing nothing in Congress, but they eat well, have better healthcare then all average americans, and get paid great salaries, for doing nothing all day. Whats the deal?

How come they average 174,000.oo dollars a year, get full healthcare, and more for doing nothing?

The primary duties of Congress, which includes both congressmen and senators, are:

  • Making laws
  • Declaring war
  • Impeaching and trying federal officers
  • Overseeing public money
  • Approving presidential appointments
  • Approving treaties negotiated by the executive branch
  • Government oversight and investigations

Congressmen and senators receive a wide range of benefits and perks for serving in office. Many of these benefits depend on how long they have served in office and what plans they choose.

Here are some benefits congressmen and senators receive besides their annual salary:

  • Annual allowances
  • Healthcare
  • Pension
  • Family death gratuity
  • Free parking

Now, why are we paying them so much, giving them all these benefits and they can’t figure out National Security, Homeland Security, Healthcare or fight Climate Change or learn to compromise and get things done for you and I?

Last Question America, Why are The Republicans backing a lying, twice impeached Ex-President, who has his Company and CFO now Indicted and facing charges? Do any of you really believe Donald J. Trump can be re-elected President and if so why? Do you really believe any of the 84 million voters that voted for Biden will vote for Trump in 2024?

Or, do you really believe the American People are going to hand the Senate and House back to the Republicans when they oppose everything and do nothing and back a criminal ex-president who is twice impeached, in 2022? Lets be realistic America!

Everyday, I hear people online in social media sites and in person in real life asking and complaining about America, how bad we are, whats wrong with the country, what we are failing to do or not do, right. Let me say this to all Americans, you have the choice to do something about it, you can act, you can make things happen, you have a right to be heard, you have a voice, and in the end you have the choice! You can let it be and watch the world get destroyed by mankind and our foolish selves, or act to save it,. You can demand Healthcare for all, you can make your Senators and Congressmen and women do their jobs and compromise for the good of all the people, if you vote out the ones, doing nothing and make changes. The Choices are yours to make, save the Country, save the World and help America lead the way, or get the hell out of the way! Thats the real choice we as Americans must make!

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