I support Nancy Pelosi’s call for a Comittee/ Commision to Investigate 1/6/2021

In American History, certain names stand out, as Patriots, Washington, Franklin, Jefferson, Adams, Lincoln ,and those who gave their all, to make America! Martin Luther King Jr. and more. all cared, for America.

Americans are weird in a way though we tend to also, highlight names of evil, corrupt people too. Take a look for yourself, at it all. Benedict Arnold Traitor, John Wilkes Booth, Murderer, Al Capone Murderer/Gangster. Lee Harvey Oswald, Jack Ruby, Sirhan Sirhan, all famous for murders and other crimes. We tend to highlight and make famous the wrong people it seems and then, forget the right ones. Somehow America forgets the good and remembers the bad for one reason, or another.

I read history folks I have read on American History it’s up and downs and how the american revolution started and we have some strange things, we have done to get where we are today. For Instance, we fought the American Revolution, to break free from England/ Briton and the King, for certain reasons, we hold dear, still today. Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion, Taxes we didn’t want to pay, and more. Yet, if you look at the Government, our ForeFathers set in place, much of it is based on the English System, we revolted against, to get Independence. Interesting right? Why, simple because we took the best of the world’s governments. looked at them closely and then, formed what we have now, we learned as we went and adapted.

We have seen cultist worldwide also folks. From Manson to Jones, and so much more. Cults grow and die and so do their leaders. But who pays for what the cult leaders produce and start? The followers of these individuals is who. I know you don’t want to hear this, but every generation, or every decade or so such a person pops up their head and forms a new cult people latch onto and follow for their own reasons or because they are brainwashed into believing the bullshit the leaders put out. Jim Jones made them drink kool-aid and killed hundreds. Manson led his people to murder and rape and destroy, and in the end they are still in prisons today.

The current example of this is The Trump Cult I call it. People bought into Trump’s bullshit and elected him President in 2016. Then, watched for four years, as he ranted, raved at everything but did nothing constructive, that is a plus for America and failed at all, he touched. He failed at everything in his life in one way or another, the only thing he has ever had was the Trump Organization, and that is because his daddy gave him it when he died. Trump didn’t make his fortune as he says he did, His daddy left him over 7 million bucks folks, thats where Trump got rich, and how. He lies and wil lie till he dies, to get what he wants. as long as it benefits him financilly or otherwise he will do whatever it takes to line his pockets. Case in point the Insurrection of January 6th, 2021.

Donald J. Trump lost the election by wide margins, seven million popular votes, an electoral count of 306 to 232, he lost folks. He lost The Presidency, The White House, he lost the Senate and The House of Representatives too. when he did he couldn’t be man enough to concede and walk away, he had to create lies and cry like a spoiled baby, about losing and claim it was stolen from him and the election was rigged. He did it so, loudly and often, he riled up the Poor Boys, The Oath Keepers, Qanon and his Maga Followers into a frenzy state, and then gathered them and pointed them at the U.S. Capital. Why, because he lost and didn’t want to leave office is why and thats it, period, like a child stomping his feet when you tell him or her to eat their vegatables, and they don’t want to. Very Sad to See!

Now we all know and saw the damages to the capital on January 6th, 2021, caused by Donald J. Tump’s Big Lies and call. The Capital was destroyed/ damaged, art work, people’s offices, and so much more. The Vice President had to run and hide, the Senators had to hunker down and Representatives too, in fear. So my question is a simple one folks, who pays for all the damages to the Capital that had to be repaired, who’s responisible? Who’s responisible for the five deaths on January 6th, 2021, and how about all the police officers who were injuried, who pays their bills to get healed?

Some are now going to cry foul, because Nancy Pelosi the Speaker of The House is forming a committee to investigate and find the causes of the Insurection on January 6th, 2021. To find ways to prevent it from ever occurring again and to hold reponisible those who did it, and made it happen. I agree, it must be investigated, it must be found out why, Qanon, Oath Keepers, Maga and Proud Boys stormed our capital, it must be found out what motivated them, who made them do it, why it was done and in the end someone must be held accountable. The Republicans don’t want an Investigation at all, or any Committee, Why? They refuse to do so, on a bi-partisan basis, so you left the Speaker and Democrats no choice at all. we the American People want the answers! It’s that simple folks!

Today we sit in a country trying to recover from a corrupt, Presidential Era/ term of one man, Donald J. Trump, our nation is divived over beliefs and lies, that have no bearing or basis on truth. The damage Trump did in his one four year term is the worse in American History by any President. He divided the nation and it’s people. He underminded it and pushed and pulled and tore at it’s fabric, and almost destroyed it, entirely. He has no idea how to lead, so he was Impeached not once but twice in one four year term, let me repeat that now, Donald J. Trump is the worst and only American President, to ever be Impeached, twice in one four year, term!

Now Qanon, The Oath Keepers, The Proud Boys and Maga Followers still think he can be reinstated to office, to the Presidency, sorry won’t happen! No Law, Bill, or way it can happen folks, it won’t happen and Trump can lie and anger his people all he wants, he lost.

As to these followers of his, who stormed the Capital and rioted and destroyed public property, to do Trump’s bidding, you wil recieve no help from Trump, his people or his money. Your on your own for following a cult leader, who you chose, to believe and follow and do, as he said. It’s your lives that are ruined for doing so, no one to blame but yourselves really, if you face the facts.

You made the choice to be there on January 6th, and storm the capital, now pay the legal fees, face the charges and convictions when they come and lose your voting rights when convicted of felonies. You chose it all.

People are foolish, when the facts are in front of their faces, and they still don’t see it or understand it, because they allow themselves to be led, in the ways, this all happened. Should we be concerned for these people, no.

They had no concern for their country, it’s laws, when they stormed the capital did they, so no we shouldn’t be concerned.

Let them call Donald Trump as they face their charges in courts and get hit with lawyers fees, court costs and possible prison time.

Let them stand before the Judges and Juries of American Justice and try to talk their way out of what they face, they can’t justify their actions, all they can say is The President Called on us to come do it, We did it at President Trump’s direction, he told us to do it.

In the end, if, Trump told you to jump off a bridge or building would you do it, too? No the final decision was yours, Qanon, Proud Boys, Oath Keepers and Maga Followers, you chose to do his bidding at his instruction, bad choices is all I can say. Do you really think a Judge is going to sit there or a Jury and say, oh, we forgive you, slap your hand and let you off? I doubt it and don’t expect a Trump Lawyer or money from Trump to help your defense either. It won’t happen! He doesn’t care, he got you to do, what he wanted.

Now a Committee wil be formed, to Investigate it all. Yes Nanacy Pelosi is right, we need to know why it all happened, who is responisible and hold them all accountable for what they did. I hope the hearings will be public, the questions, the answers entirely.

To prevent it from ever happening again, Americans need the facts, we need the names, we need the reasons and we need to know how to stop it from happening again. I support Nacy Pelosi’s call for a Comittee/ Commision to Investigate 1/6/2021 and all that happened. You should too. lets find the truth!

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