I hope and pray, Allen Weisellberg, you wake up, and realize, it’s your ass in the frying pan

2021 is fast becoming a year of reckoning in American History. First An American President who was twice Impeached and Incited an Insurrection had to leave office and was not reelected. The Insurrection at the Capital was a shame to all Americans and caused millions of dollars in damages and cost at least 5 lives and PTSD to several hundred Americans who were Police and Security that day. Yet the man who started it all, sat in the White House and like a five year old child stared at it on television, and giggled and asked, “why aren’t you happy like me”? Sad, he should have stopped it immediately, and had the National Guard in there immediately too, instead he wanted it done. Donald J. Trump debuted on the Presidential List last week as one if the bottom four presidents in American History, with good reason.

As The year goes on, we have a new and decent President in The White House, Covid-19 is now being fought left and right with vaccines being administrated. Gun Violence is being scorned upon and legal issues being faced again. Unemployment is dropping and jobs are coming back slowly but surely too. But, like I say it is a year of reckoning and will continue to be that.

We have packed up and left Afganistan for all practical purposes now and it shall have to govern itself and keep itself intact or fall on it’s own. America has been fighting wars that belong to other people in other nations for far too long and I agree it is time. World Wars are one thing, where we all have no choice but to fight, but nations must protect themselves and learn how to keep their own soverinty, if they don’t they will fall anyway. It is not our job to keep them in one piece it is theirs and unless they help themselves we can’t help them either. we are not cruel or abandoning them completely, but come on, our longest war now is Afganistan, we have spent enough, lost enough military members trying to teach them what to do. It wil bea reckoning ofa sort for both the US and Afganistan too.

Weather and climate changes are affecting the world left and right, fires rage in the american Northwest and west states. Heat indexes are rising, gas prices have risen again and so will hetaing oil I am sure for the coming winter. Greed drives the american economy and the world really, and in the end we all play the master card so to say of me, me me, and scrw you I want mine and wil take it at any cost. That wil have to change in America soon enough because if it don’t we wil head into civil unrest, and racial wars and more. Let me say this, I don’t care what you race is, your color or your nationality, we all deserve equal justice, equal treatment and equal freedoms unde rthe american constitution and all should get it too. But, we do not need racial wars, or civil wars to do it, what we need is equality for all, decency and kindness.

I grew up in the 1960’s, back then when I was young, people stopped and helped one another when their car broke down, or some one was hurt or injuried or in an accident. Today people fly by those down and hurt and leave them there, no help given no kindness either. It’s sad but it is true. At some point that me, me, me attitude and style must go back to the we, we, we style of the 1960s and before in America, or American society will not last. We wil kill ourselves off, is we continue on this road. So yes there wil bea day of reckoning for racial problems, and policing and equality soon. But I pray when it comes it doesn’t destroy the American Dream, the American Way, and Democracy and The Republic we live in. For if it does, we shall be no better than Russia, or anyothe rplace filled with autocratic leaders and dictators and communisum. we shall slide to the bottom of the world and becomea fourth world nation, destroying ourselves unless we change it now and fight back.

Those who helped to cause the Insurrection on The Capital at President Donald J. Trump’s request and call, you need to stop pushing his big election lies and violence in America. Let me say this to Qanon, The Oath Keepers, The Proud Boys and others who were Maga Followers that day, January 6th, 2021. You did what you thought and knew your President wanted you to do, try to storm the capital and prevent the certification of the Electoral College Votes and the election.

You did it, because Donald J. Trump said to and at his direction, but, who is paying now for what was done? You are, all of you MAGAs, Proud Boys, Oath Keepers and Qanon, who did his bidding not him! Stop and think, as you are arrested, indicted, cuffed and dragged off to jails, your lives ruined because, you listened to Trump, your lives are now in shambles, you wil now have records, criminal ones. Donald J. Trump is not sending you legal fees, he is not reaching out to help you or protect you or to take the blame for what happened or even excuse what happened at his direction. You are paying your own legal fees, you will have it on your records, you may lose your right to vote. for felony charges, and in the end have a hard time getting a job, period.

Yet, the man who told you to do it all, The Insurrection, sits in Mar a Lago or his Trump Towers in comfort, fat on the hog of a Presidential Pension and full benefits off of you, the American Citizens and still propergates his Big Lie, trying to undercut American Democracy and the Republic we live in. Why because he refused to admit defeat, and to bea man and step aside for the good of America. His calling for the Insurrection, and encouraging it and watching it happen and doing nothing about it as it did, wasa pure selfish act on his part with no care for the property destroyed, the people killed, harmed or damages done. He still doesn’t care today and never will.

Now I say it is a year of reckioning, and it is about to become one for Trump too. Trump, trump’s 15 year tax sceme and cheating of New York and the Federal Governement is now exposed for all to see. His CFP indicted, his company Trump Org, Indicted too, and he tries to push it off asa nothing case his lawyers can win. Won’t happen folks, why because 15 years of tax fraud doesn’t disappear and Uncle Sam will not let anyone walk away from that much money they owe easily. How many Financial Institutions wil now give Trump Org. any loans? How long wil it be til they start recalling them? Trump cheated banks too by overinflating his proerties and then under inflating them to Uncle Same and The banks too. Don’t you think, The Finanacial Institutions wil stop giving him loans now that his company is under a Indictments? Bad risk for sure to give him any loans or money point blank and if I ran the banks and financial institutions who he owes money to, I would go to court and recall those loans and want the money back, wouldn’t you? So yes, 2021 is a year of reckionings for the Trump Organization and Donald J. Trump and his CFO too.

My one question for Allen Wesiellberg is this, your 74 years old, if you get convicted and jailed you face a minimum term of 15 years in prision, do you want to stay in prison til you die, because Donald J. Trump said to. Because he told you to work two sets of books, one for Uncle sam and Taxes and a second for his own use so he could cheat the country? Donald J. Trump will tell you Allen, ” Stay The course, we can beat these charges, we will defend you, my lawyers will win!” But, here is the real question Allen Weisellberg, do you want to protect Donald J. Trump and spend the rest of your life in prison behind bars for crimes he ordered you to comit and he benefitted from more then, anyone else an dis living high on the hog from? You have children, you have grandchildren and family to think about, I know I wouldn’t want to. The choice is yours of course but loyality only goes so far, and when it comes down to you or Donald J. Trump, I would pick saving myself not him! Just saying!

I wil be watching it all play out on television, in the news and papers of course, we the people always do. I hope and pray, Allen Weisellberg, you wake up, and realize, it’s your ass in the frying pan, your family name and family too and your reputation and more at stake here. But most of all it is your ending of your lifetime, do you wish to spend it fighting legal charges, and in prison or as a free man at home with your family?

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