In the end there must be accountability for all that Trump did and has done as President, as a Candidate and in the end as a man, to our country!

America has celebrated it’s birth and creation this year once more, fireworks blazing across the skies, parties and concerts and barbecues too. The July 4th weekend has flown by and Americans will now settle back into a day by day regular schedule. At 245 years old, we are now, I believe the longest lasting Democratic Republic ever. and we should be proud of that.

As Americans are proud of their country, most of us anyway, some cry foul, call false elections, start insurrections and try to stop democracy each day we live in it.

Yet, if you listen to the great liars, or repeaters of lies, by the 45th President, you realize, immediately, if you took these liars, Oath Keeepers, Proud Boys, Qanon and MAGA Followers and shipped them to another nation, they would not survive long, number one and two, if they lied or cried in Russia or Cuba or any other country but America they would not last. They would be stomped out of existence in Russia, Cuba, or any other cummunistic or dictatorship type country. yet, we the American People don’t do that to our citizens, who disagree or yell or scream and cause trouble, pain or death. We have a Justice system we try to use and put them in prisons and jails when convicted. Big difference there in Democracy and other countries alone.

Now as we sit here 245 years old as a Nation/ Country, what would the forefathers who wrote our constitution, set the rights and laws and made us America, think of an Ex_president, twice impeached, who lies about the election results, calls them fake or the election stolen and then incites his believers to attack the capital of his own government and let’s them atempt to hang his own Vice President,if they would have caught him?

I ask now, what would, Ben Franklin, John Adams, George Washington, Thomas Jeffferson, John Jay, Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, John Adams and Sam Adams, and others, have done with Donald J. Trump if he had caused, such an insurrection, in their days?

In early America and during our Revolutionary War and our fight for Independence from England, we have one man who did almost the same thing as Trump in a way, Benedict Arnold. Arnold was declared a Traitor banned from America and died a lonely death in England, where even those he gave the information to and served ultimately, cast him aside, to die alone. Arnold was exiled and became the syymbol for traitorious acts, in history, worldwide.

If our founding Fathers were alive today, they would arrest Donald J. Trump for Insurrection and traitorious acts against our country.

Back in 1776, Donald J. Trump would have been tarred and feathered and attached to a pole and carried out of Washington and out of the country, and shipped to another land in exile.

It would be fitting, in 1775 to have done that also and expected by all Americans. Anyone backing his big lie, his insurrectionoius acts and speeches would have been jailed too. No way our Founding Fathers would have such a coward, traitor, insurrectionist,liar running free in America back then, never mind living high off the people and land he tried to destroy, stop and think about it folks!

As The Trump Organization and it’s CFO Weisellberg face charges, Trump still parades around the country saying the 2020 election was stolen and fake and he won. The facts say different folks, the numbers don’t lie and no proof has come forward that will over come a over 7 million vote win , an electoral college vote win of 306 to 232 or anything else. Donald J, Trump refused to produce his tax records for the Presidency and people, and is now under indictment as a company for cheating on them. SAD!

We all have opinions on politics, and religion and free speech, and more in American and it is allowed under our laws and constitution that our founding fathers created and put into effect here. Mine on Trump is a simple one, Trump dodged the draft at least twice, claiming buiyons on his feet, he lied on how he got his fortune saying it was self made false, His daddy left him 7 million dollars. He failed in so many business ventures he has no choice but to stay in real estate, where his daddy’s name was made.He failed at Trump water, Trump steaks, Trump University. Thenghe failed at a lot more, He over valued his properties for loans and undervalued them for tax purposes. He isa walking criminal crying overa lost election likea 5 year old who lost agame in a playground.

In The end here is what I hope will happen,1) The charges against Trump Org and it’s CFO stick and gather steam and grow. 2) Congress grows a set of balls and bans Trump from ever holding Government office again. 3) trump gets arrested and convicted, for he has no immunity, and deserves to be treated like any other citizen who committed the crimes he did. 4) He has to pay fo rthe damages done to the capital and his loans get recalled by the banks he lied to to get them. 5) He is given no more loans, from financial institutions worldwide andhere in America. 6) His family who benefitted from all of his crimes and corrupt ways are stripped of their fortune too. 7) The Comittee, put together by Speaker Nancy Pelosi, investigates thourgnly and persues the truth right up to and inclding Donald J. Trump calling all they need as witnesses, including Keven McCarthy, Mitch Mcconnell and all the Oather Keepers, Qanon, and Proud Boys and MAGA followers they can for Americans to see and hear. There must be an explanation, for the January 6th, Insurrection and we must know ultimately who is responisble and hold them to it and make them pay for it.

In the end there must be accountability for all that Trump did and has done as President, as a Candidate and in the end as a man to our country!

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