Time shall tell!

I was born in 1956, under Eisenhowser. I grew up mainly in the 1960’s as I remember it well. Kennedy was the first President I remember, who reached for the moon an dpointed us in the right directiona nd brought hope to us all, till he was saddly assassinated. I have been through many President since now it seems and under each there have been new dreams, and new hopes, and then some who act like dopes. In the end though America keeps moving on and forward, I hope and pray each day.

I won’t go into the current political mess at this time that is happening in Washington, DC, much here. I will say this the damages done by the 45th Administration and President are devastating, and sad for all americans and will take a long time to recover from, and I just pray it can be done.

Look let me say this, I have a belief, we are seeing the end of the greatest generations in American History when those of us who were born in the 1950’s and 1960’s all die off. We wil fade out like our predessers before us of course, but we have morals, we have ethics, and we were born under an era of a we,we, we generation, not unde rthe current generations that followed us, which are now the me.me. me generations, who just want their share of everything for doing nothing, and do no disciplining or their children anymore.

America has lost the moral, ethical, fiber it once had, from the generations that raised those like me. We spoke wrong to our parents or adults we got disciplined in many ways. Some of us got spanked, some of us got slapped, some us stood staring at walls or kneeling to learn lesson we needed to learn. Our parents, taught us right from wrong, respect your elders, help others, and try to do what is right for your country and family. Today’s generations didn’t get the from their parents.

Go to a store any store, watch as children run around as their parents shop and the child grabs things, I want this, I want that, can I have this, heppens. Now it is normal for a child to want things and ask for them, but when a parent syas no, it is not right fora publuic tantrum to happen. It is not right for a child to try to steal it either. Discipline is lacking in the raising of today’s children, in more than one way. Sadly, Americans have lost their moral, ethical compasses somewhere and have allowed kids to do as they please mostly.

Businesses and companie shave this problem also. Standards are relaxed and they argure with their customers also. I hire a Landscaper company a few years ago. Well it was going fine till one day I walked outside and looked at my yard. Areas were not cut, no trimming was done and one man rode the tractor to cut the grass while three boys walked around with weed trimmers trimming nothing really. When I saw they were leaveing I aske dthem if they did a specific area that faces the road. The boys said yes, so I said hold on let me look, it wasn’t done. In the end I asked the boys to do it an dtheir father came up and stared as Ishowed them what to do. well the Father decided his boys did their job and that he and they were not here to weed my gardens and such things just cut and trim the grass. I told him I wnated it done right an dhad already told him three times before, and i told him so, he threatened to raise my rates. Now I know i hada good deal and a raise of rate was gonna come sooner or later ok, I am reasonable, but don’t threatened me witha rate raise if your not doing the damn job in the first place. I told him that an dit turne dinto an argument and in the end i fired him, for not doing the job and yes I swore at him too. Then I called teh Business owner and tol dhim the whole story period.

The Owner came by later and I showed him what was not done and he agreed it shoul dhave been done properly and said he wil make sure it does get done from now on. we agreed I would pay a little more per cutting. Now, The end is this, 1) What kind of person threatens to raise their charging or you for something they are not doing right in the first place i wouldn’t. 2) What kind of landscaper tells you he won’t trim or weed gardens or trim properly? 3) What kind of Landscaper argues witha customer period, don’t they know the customer is always right? sad you ask me, but it is a fitting example of what is wrong in America today, right there. Lack or respect, lack of wanting to do the job, lack of pride in the job, lazyiness, and no idea what customer service is or how to talk to people. Americans, have lost all of that place their morals and ethis and their sense of right and wrong due to alack of discipline in this country and in the homes by parents. Sad indeed if you ask me.

Last comment for todayfor my blog, I am 65, my health is failing in many ways, from my back and neck, naval injuries, to my teeth, my ptsd and sleep apenea too. I wake up dialy in pain, my teeth chip and break and I have to beg the Veterans Administration to remove and replace my teeth to get it done.

I live daily with a cancer filled wife or did for along time now since 2006. She is now down for the second time this year and back in a rehab facility where she hates being. Will she come home time will tell, I think, but as i see it, I can’t lift her up, so if she can’t stand or walk she can’t come home, really. Her cognitive abilities are gone due toa mass in her head now and she is in and out as she goes mentally. Sometimes she knows where she is, sometimes she doesn’t, sometimes shethinks people are not real and sometimes she thinks she is home or can walk again when she can’t. Yes I paid for a chiar lift for the stairs, ramos into the house, a wheelchair, a rollator, a walker, toilet seats and more, to bring her home the first time. I cooked for her, helped her clean herself, and changed her underwear and clothes, fed her her pills daily too. I even walked her to the bathroom with her walker and to bed each night. But, when she couldn’t stand anymore or walk anymore I had no choice but to call 911 and have her go to The ER to be checked and helped. sadly, that led us back to the Rehab facility she hates it.

But the way I was raised, I stand by my wife, I help her, I will not walk away from her, I married her and take care of he rthe best way I can. I wish more americans and people worldwide would do the same for all of the people they love too. I am not rich, or have a lot of money, so I do what I can as we go along and lal she has is medicare and an Arrp Supplement that I know of. So, at some point, we will lose everything we own including our home we worked to get and keep for 28 years and paid off too. I know of no way, to get her help I tried it all already. Medicaid won’t touch her or help her we have too many assests they say. So I struggle on and try to make do.

But as you can see, from the above, I have my own morals, my own ethics, my own beliefs too. Manners are needed by people, patienance is needed too and an ability to understand we are not all rich, or well off and we must deal with life as we can as we go.

I know fo rme if my wife should die, I wil follow her probaly to the grave. I have no one else, and she is my all and I her all. as her condition goes so does mine in otherways. I shall fade one day too like she shall, she is 80 now and I am 65. We are both in failing health and alone struggling to survive now in seperate places but always togethe rin love and spirit. I pray everyday she can come home soona nd I try to take care of her, and myself too, can I, time shall tell!

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