It will be up to Real Americans to save America, any failure, will cause, what no one wants, the end of The United States

As July 2021 continues along, we fight Covid-19 in many ways, wearing masks, vaccinating, staying seperated and hoping it disappears, but, it keeps changing and new variants are hitting the world and spreading because people won’t vaccinate, Vaccinate folks, please, there is no way to defeat this virus, without vaccinating.

Next, The Trump saga and problem is still with us as he tours the country and holds rallies, and promotes his Big Lie there is signs of more trouble. Trump and this Majorie Taylor Greene, want to reincite more trouble and riots in Washington and get more people to do a second act of the Insurrection that happened in January! He will not be reinstated in August folks period!

Little thought here for all Americans, DON’T Let It Happen Again. No Mopre insurrections, or riots or storming the capital, please, you are destroying the only government we have and in the end, if you don’t like America, then leave it please! We can’t afford anymore of these riots, or acts of violence or attempts to overturn our government.

Trump is pushing people to try to reinstate him in August as President it wil not happen, Biden was legally elected and certified and is the President now.

To The Oath Keepers, Qanon, Maga and Proud Boy Followers, Kevin McCarthy, Mitch McConnell and Majorie Taylor Greene, don’t go there folks, your destroying the United States, our Democracy, our Republic and our way of life! As it sits now, we are on the precipice of a cliff, with, violence, hatered, all brewing and simmering and it will erupt and more than likely, people will be killed again, in Washington DC.

The United States Government, Congress, and The President must act soon and do so legally, to shut down, this Trump Movement and his speeches in someway. The courts and laws of the land, cover insurrection, traitorious acts and more, and the courts must be approached and asked to put Cease and Desist Orders on Donald J. Trump and his public speeches to incite violence, and anger over his election loss.

The 2020 Election was legal, it was by the people and for the people and there was no Election Fraud or stealing of it! Yet, Trump continues his campagaign to undermine democracy andthe america republic in everyway he can because he loss. Stop and think of this now folks, A grown Man who held the Presidency, twice Impeached in one Term, a dodger of the draft and tax evader, and an insurrectionist, who is acting like a five year old who lost a game of Monoply or something, screaming, yelling and crying and stomping his feet , because he lost. THis is the type of man people want to follow, please wake up folks! This is not what Americans do, Presidents lose elections every four years, they don’t stand, cry and stomp their feet and call cheating, they gracefully bow aside and allow America to move forward. This man couldn’t even concede the election and he lost by over 7 million popul;ar votes, and by an electoral college margin of 303-232. The people voted him out period, he did nothing right as President thats why!

To President Biden and Congress, Security measures must be put back in place on the Capital, to Protect Democracy and the Republic and Congress and our President and Vice President, untill these threats are diminished or destroyed.

These Trump Followers, Maga, Proud Boys, Qanon and Oath Keepers need to stop, and if necessary the US Army and Marines and National Guard should be put into use to do so. The Capital, must be protected at all cost so must our Congress, both HOuse and senate and of course our President duly elected.

If a new Insurrection, or riot or violenent act occurs at the Capital, the world will be watching and pointing and wondering what happened to the greatest Democracy in the world, is America sinking into the past and failing now? Are we like all great empires and nations before us, a dying breed or nation or empire?

History shows folks, so many great nations and cultures before us, that failed in the way America is heading. The Indians, The Aztecs, The Incas, Romans, all rose up for a period of time and ultimately died out, under the same things, power mad indidviduals who tried to stay in power and lost. Hitler same thing, Japan’s Empires same thing, and more. Is that where we are going America?

Let me finish this way, across America and around the world, are many like me, Veterans who served America, here and abroad, abled bodies and disabled bodies who gave their all to save and protect and defend this land, it’s laws and it’s constitution under which we live. If ever there wa sa call to arms in American History, and it was a Dictator Ship or Autocratic or communistic take over of America, the Veterans will step up and fight back, in all ways we can, I am sure. America must be preserved, defended and honored and kept alive, not trampled and destroyed as is happening due to Trump’s tantrums and acts of insedition and insurrection, he must be stopped, in a legal manner now. It will be up to the Justice system, it will be up to Real Americans to save america, any failure, will cause, what no one wants, the end of The United States!

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