We must unite as a people and move ourselves, our country and the world to a betterment for us all.

I recently started watching a show on HBO MAX, about John Adams, the Second President of The United States, who was a Patriot and Founding Father. It is an interesting program not only for it’s historic matter, but also for the acting in it.

The Stories of the American Founding Fathers are great and many, and luckily for all Americans, they were documented pretty well over the last few centuries. Now, I am not saying some were not changed for cinematic reasons, because many were, but as in John Adams, the story does stay to the real, in many ways.

During the show which is episodes long, John Adams grows, and shows his beliefs, his style and his way of life. It also shows why he and the founding fathers went for Independence and ultimately achieved it, for all Americans. Yes there were growing pains, seperation pains, and even threats of the King of England wanting to hang all of the Founding Fathers, as we all know. John Adams is a unique indivividual in this history because he was a lawyer, and a politician yes, but also a man with moral and ethical fibers and he maintained them, in his life.

We get introduced as his story is told to those who were the other Founding Fathers of America too. We see, John Jay, Sam Adams, Ben Franklin, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson and more as the series goes on. It shows the reluctance of John Adams to public speech, but also shows how his pure drive as a person and patriot comes through and ulimately makes him, America’s second president.

The times show through also, based on the travel, the illnesses and historic events, like the small pox epidemic, his struggles in France and England as an Ambassador and assistant to Ben Franklin. His flaws are shown as well as his best points and the portrayal by the actor is oscar worthy in my view. Yet it is an older show now, so it was considered, when, it was new.

American History is a facinating one in and of itself, but it is also one that we as Americans, need to remember at all times. The Founding Fathers, who stood up and agreed to go for independence, the way they did it, and how they worked and sacrificed to make the United States, shows their sacrifices, their fights and battles, and the dangers, they faced.

Few, I think today in America really understand the chance they took in doing as they did. Once they declared they wanted their independence back then, they were targets of the British, and the King and knew if caught and captured they would be hung. Amazingly, they persisted and won in the end!.

It is important for all Americans to understand another factor about the American revolution and the Founding Fathers. As shown in John Adams, the women of the Era, like Abigal Adams, sacrificed much for their dreams and the dreams of the country and their husbands. The John Adams series, shows how Abigal Adams was a mighty force behind her husband John, supporting him and raising her own children basically on her own. Abigal Adams was a strong woman, in all ways, who did not desert her husband, stood by him, his thoughts and ideas and in the end promoted him and the country with no one really knowing how it would really turn out. Bravery comes through and shines in the portrayal of Abigal Adams in this series.

I think all who watched it or are watching it now, should be grateful to see it. Some may be bored by such history and facts intermixed with drama parts, but in the end the overall series/ show is a fine production. John Adams the series by HBO, is indeed a fine production, and one worth it in the end, for historic reasons.

I personally would love to see more such films/series or movies regarding the Founding Fathers of America. So many untold stories can be told and so many strong personalities of that era can come out, and if done like John Adams was done, well they would be of major proportions and historic value to future americans.

The stronger Personalities of The American Founding Fathers are amazing to see and understand. Before you producers, writers and others, go head long into doing so with such iconic figures as Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and even George Washington, one must remember, their lives have been done already by many others. Look deeper I would say for others, who were involved but, were not out front.

What of John Jay or Samuel Adams? Or others who stood tall and fought to make us Independent, why do certain figures get the star treatment so to say. Truth be told folks, not all the Founding Fathers were of the same moral and ethical beliefs, nor, were they all perfect or strong in all they do, they were human beings, flawed not perfect.

I can honestly say, I have read much of the history of America and it’s Founding Fathers and all that made this country great and strong and it’s struggles to survive, I always found it fascinating, in how America came to be. For it is in the interactions, decisions and limitations of the era it happened in that more of the story is hidden in my mind. Stop and think all reading was done by candlelight at night for these people to educate themselves. They fought fires and weather and conditions by hand. They still farmed the lands to eat and survive also as all of this was happening in America. I find the bravery, skill and integerity of these early Americans, whether founding fathers, or mothers, amazing, in how they persisted and won in the end.

Were they flawed, yes, but did they succeed in creating their dream, yes they did in many ways! Is it perfect, no, but one thing this republic/ democracy is, is better than any other governing system in the world!

We have our rights, our laws, our freedoms, because these men and women of the 1700’s in America, fought and believed in them and in the end, won to get them. we should never forget those struggles, those fights those Founding Fathers and Founding Mothers of America, for without them, there would be no America! We celebrate the nations birth on The Fourth of July each Year and use fireworks to do so, it is a great tradition yes! Instead of celebrating with fireworks and ball games and parties, maybe Americans should read more, study more, learn more about this country and it’s foundations, it’s Constitution and Bills of Rights. Maybe just maybe, we should all consider, what the Founding Fathers did, and stop and think of the current situation in america and stop and go, wait a minute, the lies can’t go on, the violence among ourselves can’t continue, and we must unite as a people and move ourselves, our country and the world to a betterment for us all.

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