Shouldn’t we strive to leave them with a better world?

July 17th, 2021, Covid Cases in The United States are climbing in numbers once again, the new Variant (D) it seems is stronger then the prior ones. Across America cases grow and so do covid deaths, why because so many refuse to take a vaccine that works and others say, don’t. I have had both of my shots since March of 2021 and no after effects or covid for me. I am lucky I guess, or maybe, just maybe I am smart enough to realize, vaccines are good and keep people healthy and alive. Also we all had vaccines as children, such as polio and others and we survived them.

As Covid surges and more get sick and die, we also have a planet, we have polluted and raped, trying to come back in such a way, that climate change is here and more real, then ever before. Massive rainstorms in Europe, raging fires in western North America, water shortages around the globe and so much more, such as melting ice glaziers, making the oceans rise and leaving us less land mass to live on. Our air is pollutted because we drive for fun and burn fossil fuels, we heat our homes with oil and exhaust all into the air too. Whats even worse is human beings cut down the rain forest and other trees unecessarily, there goes the oxygen supply folks, every one you cut down and destroy and kill. We need to wake up world wide, we need to replant trees and plants, we need to find differernt ways to transport and move around the world, electric comes to mind for a starter, solar power works to make or gather energy from the sun, but, in the end is solar power going to last forever number 1, and number 2 are we draining the sun of it’s energy by collecting it, for our personal useage.

It seems to me, we do not consider what we do to our planet or our own atmosphere much. We pollute it daily, we rape the land of minerals and deposits, we pollute the oceans and fresh waters too, and we cut down the trees that supply the oxygen we breathe, ever wonder why we don’t stop and think, that the planet is changing it’s climate, to try to recover from all we have done to it? It’s not payback, so to say folks, what it is, is a planet trying to survive and recover all we have drained it of and trying to prevent it’s own destruction, by doing so. The Planet can heal itself, if given the time it needs to do so.

We the Human Beings of this planet are the only species intelligent enough on this planet to learn well, expand our knowledge well and adapt to our surrounding to survive. But are we intelligent enough as a species, to realize we are destroying the only place/planet that supports our form of life? Are we smart enough, to realize if we don’t change what we are doing we will not survive, mankind, the Earth and all that is here is heading for it’s ending, unless we wake up and change how we do things!

No, I am not a doomsday person, I am a man 65 years old who has come to realize, life does not last forever, nor will mankind or the planet we live upon. If you can’t see or get that, than I reccommend you, step back, and look again. Life has a span for humanity, each of us a different span true, but we don’t control when we live or die. I don’t know if there is a God, a Supreme Being or a Scientific explanation for how all has come to be. But I do know not a one of us controls when we are born or when we die. Maybe it is a biological clock built into us at birth or when we are created. or maybe The Gods. or Supreme Beings have a purpose for each of us, on the planet. We shall never know for sure, for we are not intended to know are we? We go through life not really stopping to think what our real purpose for being here is, for the picture or thought is too immense for us to really understand or find out. We get too busy in life, with personal joys and pleasures, personal needs, that grow to wants, desires and more. Greed gets involved, need gets involved and we fight among ourselves to get all we want, not just what we need.

I am not a scientist, nor am I a doctor or even a lawyer, or very important person. Logic tells me, as does common sense, with climate change happening, with political unrest across the world and here in the United States the world is changing big time.

Nations and empires have risen before us, we have now had a 245 year run as a leading nation in world history. Will that run continue? Or will, we, The American People, end up like so many before us, Like the Aztecs, The Incas, The Roman Empire, The Chineese Dynastanies and many others, all long gone now. Religion is not what makes a country great, money isn’t really or weapons of war. What makes a nation great, is it’s people who can at anytime decide to change their course of history, and either save themselves and ways and world, or die off. We the people are the ones who can decide if the world survives, if climate change can be controlled and how to slow and stop it! We the people can only save whats here, and preserve mankind and our planet, is we work together, not seperate and staring at each other, with fear, or jealousy, or anger or greed.

One thing all mankind must do to survive now, is compromise, find ways to agree on what is needed to survive and save our world and ourselves. we must put aside racial worries, we must put aside political views, we must unite as a species or we will face the end and never realize when it will hit and be gone. we shall become a husk like planetoid just like our moon, just like Mars, and others. We can’t find another planet that supports our life, has what makind needs to breathe and has the nourishments we need to live. None is close enough for us to reach, are they and if they are, and we believe it is possible, possible is all we have folks, not factual. We strive to survive as a species and we combat one another, we should stop and strive to find a new world, a new Planet, together we can do it!

John Kennedy now long gone, once said it best I believe. He said “We can and should reach the moon” and we did. He gave us lofty goals to follow and reach for. He gave us directions in the civil area as did Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr. Many have now, yet we tend to forget them when in anger, or when something seems bigger to us and we get upset. We can ill afford to do so, my friends. we need lofty goals and dreams to stay alive as we need mankind and planet earth to survive. I am, no John Kennedy, I am no great President, never will be or want to be, but I am a man of common sense, loves, needs, cares and fears like all of you are, as people too. To reach those dreams, those needs we all have to survive we must unite not just as one nation’s people, but as the world’s most intelligent and able species to survive!

Most of the world’s human populations have children and grandchildren and great grandchildren or more. For them to flourish and survive and to have a better world to live in after we are gone, shouldn’t we strive to leave them with a better world?

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