Ban Trump from ever running again, with a law in Congress.

Pettiness and childish tactics, antics and games, they have now been happening since the day Donald J. Trump came down his escalator in New and declared he was running for President. It’s sad, it’ stupid and in the end the same childishness, pettiness, greed and power grabbing antics cost 5 people their lives in January 6th, 2021, numerous people injuries and in the end millions of damages in property. Now, I have a question for the American People, who should pay for the lost of lives, who should pay for the property damages? Who is reponisble folks?

I tire of Trump supporters who claim he built a wall on our southern border and thats his claim to fame as President. It’sa lie he never completed the wall and it will neve rbe completed either. He did approxiamately 600 miles of it, and tried to steal the funds from the military to complete it and was shut down by the courts in doing so.

Trump’s only claim is the tax code he rewrote while President for himself and his rich cronnies. He saved them millions in taxes and in the end cheated America out of seeing his own tax returns. Why, because he has been doing tax fraud for decades now and doesn’t want caught.

I tire of him crying about the lection results of 2020, and his loss. he loss period folks, the numbers in the electoral college were the same when he won against Clinton, 306 to 23. The popular vote showed he lost by over 7 million votes folks, thats not a joke or a lie it’sa fact, wake up.

Now Trump is collecting money left and right and saying it is for a election campagaign in 2024. To those of you giving to this collection or donantion pot, let me say this, a twice Impeached President, in one term in office will never be returned to the Presidency by the American People. If I werer you people I would consider right now the charges against Trum’s Organization ongoing also. Do you think a man with indictments and charges looming should be allowed to run for President again? I don’t!

There are people like Tucker Carlson of Fox news and other Trump supporters still screaming Trump Won and his big election lie. They were conned by him before he was President and even further conned by Trump during his Presidency. It’s sad people are so gulliable and so foolish to sit there and believe Trump’s lies, face the facts all wake up.

As 2021 goes on, and trials and charges happen again Qanon and Poor Boys and Maga People left and right and they end up in front of juries, each say the same thing, Trump called us to washington, told us to march on the capital, we did what our president said do. They ask for mercy from the judges and juries of this country, everyday now in courts. It’sa sad sight to see isn’t it folks?

The Insurrection on January 6th, 2021 is finally under investigation, by a committee that was supposed to be bi-partisan until the republicans refused to participate in it. That is not the democrats fault folks it is Republicans who did it. Now as the committee goes forward i hope they supenoa, kevin McCarthy, Mitch McConnell, Ted Cruz, Lindsey Graham, Ron Johnson and all of these people still shouting and pushing Trumps’ big lie. They all need voted out of Congress and made to never hold public office again.

Unlike Tucker Carlson and other fox broadcasters, I do not believe Trump’s big lie and never could. The numbers are obvious, and firm, there is no recounts or proof of any stealing of any part of the election anywhere big enough to overcome a 7 million plus loss, by Trump.

It’s a waste of time, effort and money and energy for states like Arizona to be doing recounts in August of 2021. Waste of money and time for sure not to mention how it is upsetting and angering Americans country wide, and showing America to be divided foolishly.

Let me say this in finishing this, Trump Lost, the numbers don’t lie, trump can’t come back because the majority that voted him out will still exist in not only 2022, but also in 2024. Those Americans will see Trump for theloser he really is, They are not going to allow him to return to the White House. he is acting like a four year old havinga tantrum because he lost the game. Stomping his feet, lying, crying, screaming for attention and people in america are paying him attention is all.

To all News Agencies, and channels on television cable or not. Trump should be ignored, he big lie should be ignored too. whenhe speaks if it involved the 2020 Presidential election and his losss in it, it should not be aired on your networks or in any newspapers either. Like a spolied child who throwsa tantrum at home or in a store for attention, Trump must be ignored and watched, but not allowed to win. if he is allowed to win you can expect him to pave a path to destroy democracy in our republic and to turn us toward dictatorships and communist ideals. Don’t let it happen America, stay the course in democracy and as a republic, ban Trump from ever running again, with a law in Congress.

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