What will you be Remembered for?

The light in one’s eyes when they smile or laugh, or the tears when they cry, let us know they are alive each day we see them. When that light goes out, the sadness starts and it lasts a long time for us,who survive.

I know not, how long it will take me, to recover from the loss of my wife. I know it took me years, to fully come back from my mother’s death in 1991. I know it was rough when our dad died too. I am now 65 myself, so,I am no spring chicken ,anymore. I know ultimately my time shall come also, and I am mentally prepared for it, in my own way. We are mere mortals, and as we all know our time on this planet is limited.

I have outlived the ages of my parents now by many years, they left us at 59 each, and my real father left at 55, when he died. Cancer it seems follows us all and for that I am sorry, I have seen too many die from such a ravaging disease. I can only hope medical science at some point can find a way to stop cancer. I have seen too many recalled by God in my lifetime, in what I regard, as before, their time, in my opinion.

We all it seems have a purpose in life of some kind, we don’t even realize what that is, ourselves. We never know or can know why we were born, or what purpose was intended by our being here. Yet, I have a strong belief, that, we all have things we must accomplish that were set out for us when we were born. It is never known by us as to exactly, what that purpose is, for we do nor control it or fully understand it.

In the end it may be to help a certain person, it may be to fight a certain disease, it may be to be a certain type of person and bring joy to others or many different things. We can not know what that purpose is, but I believe in my heart and mind, we all have one. Once we complete our purpose on this planet, we are recalled and our spirit knows it must return, from whence it came. Am I right or wrong in my thoughts and beliefs, I know not, I do know it is what I sense and think is right.

As time rolls on, for it will never stop, I am trying to understand. Whether i ever will, well that is a question only our maker can answer for me. Day after day, week after week, time marches on, till the weeks become months and the months become years. Decades go by of our lifetimes and we never stop to think, not once why we were put on this planet. The interactions with others, the things we do daily, the talking, laughing, crying, arguing and more. What is the purpose of it all folks do we know for sure? No we don’t!

I sometimes stop and think in times of sorrow, or in pain like from my wife’s death now. When I do, I hear the voice of our dad, the man who raised me and made me who I am. I remember him clearly, many times over, telling me, and my siblings as we grew up, ” You can do anything and be anything you want, all you have to do is make up your mind and stick to it!” It rings true in the world even today, in my mind and heart and is a lesson, too many need to learn ,today.

I was never a great student in school, unril, my college days in my late 30’s and early 40’s. I never concentrated enough or paid attention. I was always distracted by one thing or another or just too foolish to care. In the end, I suppose, education isn’t everything either folks, why, simply I know people who got a great education, and it didnt help them handle life roo well. You can have ten degrees and awards left and right, but if you have manners, morals, or ethics or no common sense and logic, you will never get anywhere. Common manners and curtisies go along way in life also, they can propel you beyond your education or current position in the social structure of life. Few, understand that and fail to get that, a piece of paper and grades are not the only thing you need in life. A lot depends on your behavior and interaction with others, which is why many say, learn to get along with others at all cost, it can make a difference in your whole life.

Life is a mystery for all of us folks! Death is a bigger mystery for us all. In between is what counts, for you are remembered not for what you own or posesse, but for your interactions with others and how you treated them. We tend to remember those who passed for their laughter, their tears, thei rinteractions with us, the way they treated us and others. Always remember, no matter what you may own, will not make you a better person, your education doesn’t make you a better person either, what does make you a better person is your interactions with people daily and it will be what you are remembered for, when you leave.

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