Is it too much to Ask?

September 15th, 2021, My day began at about 6;15 am when my eyes opened. I slept ok for me at this point. Sleep is not a big priority, but between 6 to 8 hours a night is fine.

Reports come in fast on CNN and othe rnews networks as California’s Govenor stays in office. Covid Deaths rise in the USA and weather systems ramp up storms to hurricanes and tropical storms where none were before. The world is fighting back people, the more we pollute our atmosphere the worse the planet and it’s weather change for mankind. We are killing not only ourselves but the world we live in too.

That all said now, maybe it is time for humans to reconsider how we treat the planet and the atmosphere?

Anyway, onward with life in general, prices are rising, money is getting tighter out there and the markets are flexing for change as I see it now. On top of that, elderly housing and housing in general is becoming a rush to sell and buy and it is becoming a sellers market. I am no expert of course just a layman, who watches these things at times.

With the world and economies changing as they are, one must wonder, what happened to America? I was born in the 1950’s, yes I am in my 60’s now, and i remember a different America. I remember an America when it was All for One and One for all. I remember an America when, you drove down the road and got a flat tire someone would stop and help you. or you were homeless or hungry and people would help you. Not now for sure! America has gone a very sorrowfull route so to say, in my book

We as Americans have gone from what I call a we, we, we, society to a me, me,me society and screw you! Today’s economy and way of life in America is all me, and screw you, we all grab and take what we want and get what we want in anyway we can and screw the little people who can’t afford anything. Now don’t cry at me and say I am for social reform or giving people money, or for welfare, because i am not. I think jobs are there and those who don’t go to work who really can should. I don’t scream from the rooftops over it, for there will always be some who can’t work for real reasons, like disabilities. Yet in the end what I see is wrong also.

Some are taking advantage of the current situation and trying to live off of that extra 300 or 600 a week Uncle Sam is providing and refusing to work because they make more that way. To them I say this, it will end and when it does, what will you do then? There won’t be a free ride anymore on taxpayer’s money, so I recommend you train now, and go to work as fast as you can.

Next, subject today. As all know who read my blogs, my wife died in August and time is slowly moving forward for me. Each day I awake, and realize she is gone and wonder what to do with myself next. I have been slowly, looking forward, making some progress as I go. I am preparing to leave the home we had for the last 21 years now. I shall sell it of course and move on to a different location.

As I empty it, I wonder at times why we ever had such a large home. Yet, we did so it should sell I think. Once it is cleaned up and sold I should be fine.

Moving on will be rough without my wife, period. I know the best thing for me is to move away from where we lived, so the memories will not flood me so much and i can survive. I hope to move far enough away, so I can start anew, in a place on my own I can afford. Budgetting will be vital to survival in today’s world too.

Do I need big no, I am thinking maybe a condo, one bedroom place, or an apartment. A Condo would be better I think it would be an investment of a source. I am now a widower and being single again will be rough to get used to. I know I have to do so though, no way I can ever stay in that big house ,alone.

Some will ask why not stay, well the memories are in the house, it isa constant reminder of her always. It drags me down and is huge and expensive to run. Sadly, but surely it must go.

I think in the end, I am doing all things I can to survive and doing it right. I pray that God will help me along and make my life better and easier till, my own ending does come someday. I never asked for much from anyone and never have I thought of doing so. So I will struggle through no matter what.

I only seek now to be peaceful, have what I need to be comfortable and to live out my life making new friends and enjoying myself some. Is it too much to ask, time, shall tell is all!

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