QA non Shaman gets 41 months, for Trump’s Direction on January 6th.

Today, the QA non Shaman was sentenced to 41 months in prison for following Trump’s directions on January 6th, 2021 and entering the capital and doing the damage he did and others too. Now I ask a simple question as The Shaman now knows and Mark Meadows will and so will Steve Bannon, they will be paying for Lawyer Fees of their own and spending time in a jail cell for Trump and his beliefs and all he asked them to do. Contempt of Congress is a charge that has punishments to it for sure. Other people who took part in the January 2021 Insurrection and Attack on the Capital and chasing of Senators and Congressmen and women. So I ask now why did they follow, Trump’s directions and why didn’t Trump pay their lawyers or fines?

Trump followers who took part in the events of January 6th, 2021, must now start to look at themselves and what they did and why they did it, and why Donald J. Trump is doing nothing to help them. I think they may find out in the near future as they each get convicted and spend time in jail, that the blind loyalty they gave to Trump and his ideas, has cost them many things. So, why do they still think he can run for President again? He shouldn’t be allowed to, period.

No President in American History has ever incited an Insurrection Against his own Country in this way. No President failed at everything he attempted to do either, and in the end no President in American History ever before or since has been twice impeached on one term, Trump was!

If Trump is allowed to run again it will not b ea victory dance for the Republicans in 2024, it will be a defeat period, so if I was a Republican Party Leader I would look for a new candidate, for 2024 for president. How many people will now be spending time in prison and be paying fines or both, because Trump incited and directed them to storm the capital?

I ask Mark Meadows, Rudy Giuliani, The QA non Shaman, and others who did as Trump directed one question, why are you paying for what Trump told you and encouraged you to do, but, Donald J. Trump is not? Do you think it is fair to you as his loyal followers who did his bidding on January 6th, 2021, to be spending your money on lawyers and spending time in court rooms and in prison and, he not to be? Be real folks, following Trump blindly is not paying off for your reputations, your wallets or futures, is it?

Sadly, people who worked their lives to build their reputations and careers, have now lost them because they believed in Trump and followed his directions. As their lives and reputations and wallets empty, maybe they will realize Donald J. Trump doesn’t care about them, he only wants his way. And you ,followers are the one’s paying the high price for it all. When Mark Meadows can’t work in government anymore, or Rudy Giuliani can’t practice law anymore who is responsible for it, Donald J. Trump. Is he going to return these individuals reputations, or pay their lawyer fees or do something to prevent them from serving time in prison? No he isn’t and I now wonder what the QA non Shaman thinks knowing he must served 41 months in a cell. Don’t you wonder now why they did as Trump told them to?

The false claims of election fraud and more has divided America and caused close scrutiny on all elections for the future in America. You will more than likely end up with someone standing next to you next time you vote for President, making sure your vote is legal and true. Is that the way Americans want it? It is coming because Trump pushed his false claims and caused it, no one, else did.

Trump’s life is a big picture of failures of all kinds and sadly now, people have to pay a price for what he did and said and directed. Sad isn’t it.

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