I bet following Trump paid off for you loyal followers!

Some thoughts for today, November 17th, 2021. This morning I awoke around 5:30 am, even though I went to bed around 11 pm the night before. Sleep is not something that comes easy to me since my wife’s passing. It is hard not having my wife to talk to, bounce questions off of and be with. I have no choice in all I do now, for I cannot hang onto the past and the dreams we shared.

Time I am told will make it easier for me to carry on alone, and emotionally I must learn to deal with it all. It is so hard to move on from a long marriage to a new beginning as a widower. One has to learn to pay the bills on their own, how to empty a house and sell one and move on from it all. Some may think it is easy, I don’t, I struggle with being alone and isolated, especially in the home we shared for so many years. Memories flood me when I am there, so I try to not stay as much and sell it as fast as i can.

Anyway, let me move on from my loss of my wife and all in my life for now. I have been watching the news and so has most of us. The Rittenhouse case is dominating it right now. Now while i agree, this man should never have taken a rifle to the location he did, in the end though he is a child still, especially at the time it was done. IT will be a transitivity if they convict him, and give him prison time. He had no intention of killing anyone, and did what he did out of self-protection for himself. I think it is vastly unfair for the Court or Judge to try for lesser charges to be applied to his case or considered at this stage. The Prosecution charged him as is and to drop the charges or change the charges at this stage is grounds for dismissal, or a new trial period in my mind. Plus, if they convict him and put him in prison, they will be destroying any chance he has at a life, prison will not help him, medical help may be the way to go, therapy of some kind I say.

Next subject, politics and justice. Donald J. Trump is now an ex-president and I remind all who back him or try to protect him or get him reelected, he is a loser. Donald J. Trump failed at selling water, he failed at selling steaks, he failed at running hotels and so much more. Trump failed at being President too, he broke so many laws and norms. What accomplishments did Trump have as President, one, he changed the tax laws for himself and his rich friends. Otherwise he has no accomplishments as President period. What problems did he bring though, well, those are numerous.

No President in American History did what Trump did folks! No prior President cried unfair or cheating, or this it was rigged, the election they lost. Trump did, No Prior President incited a riot/ insurrection, against the American Congress and Government they were leading. No President got Impeached in one term twice ever in American History, Donald J. Trump did. Donald J. Trump failed to fight Covid-19 properly, he failed to dispense the vaccine and so much more. So why do people put their lives and reputations on the line to protect and defend him? I still have no idea why men like Rudy Giuliani, Steve Bannon, Mark Meadows are protecting this man! What purpose do they have in what they do, except to show loyalty to a man, who doesn’t care two bits about them at all?

You won’t see Trump paying to help defend these people who support him! He doesn’t care about them really, they put their asses on the line defending and protecting him and promoting Trump and for what purpose? I get the fact while Trump was in Office he raised their profiles for them, but he’s gone now and I doubt if Americans will ever want him back and if they do it would be stupid. If you want to know stupid, just look back at the trump Presidency I say. This man was President, and recommended to Doctors on public television we all inject ourselves with bleach, talk about stupid, ignorant and worthless.

Look, no president is 100 percent great, or 100 percent bad, but if there was ever a President who will go down in History as the worse President it is Donald J. Trump period. He did nothing for anyone except himself and his rich buddies. Name anything good he did, and don’t tell me he built a wall between us and Mexico, that’s bullshit he never finished it. What other accomplishment did Trump have besides passing his tax law? Nada ,folks, nada!

I know many are now condemning Joe Biden for the economic mess, we are in right now, I remind all, that Biden is not responsible for it all. Yes, he is not perfect no one is, and yes he is old and probably will not run for a second term, but in his sleep Biden makes Trump look like a piece of crap, in my opinion.

Now as Bannon, Meadows, Giuliani and more face contempt charges and so much more in his name, what is Trump doing to help them, nothing! He is not going to pay for their defense, he is not going to go to court and testify in their cases for them. So what benefit is it to these men and women who support Trump to do so, please tell me! I am still wondering what his backers who got arrested at his Insurrection he pulled off, think now as they go to prison for years at a clip, in his name for doing what he said to do. Tell me QANON, Tell me others who backed and participated in his insurrection, how do you like prison and fines and records you accumulated backing Trump and doing what he said to do now? Are you still proud of doing as he told you to? Are you smiling as you eat prison food or are in a jail cell, or have to pay millions in court costs and lawyers fees now? My best you’re not! I bet now you are asking yourselves, what the hell did I do listening to what Trump told me to do? I bet your lives are in good shape now from blindly being loyal to Trump!

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