Saturday, November 20th, 2021

Saturday November 20th, 2021 is upon me. It is now 120 days since my wife was buried. I think of her a lot these days on and off and I push ahead in life alone, in the only way one can, day by day. Yes I miss her chatter, her talking to me, us watching tv and more. Yes I miss her console and decision making also. There is no changing a thing, and she is gone and no one can bring her back to me, ever. That said, I am making progress at cleaning out our old home and putting it up for sale next. One day at a time is all one can do.

I knew before my wife died, that certain relationships would end. Her family, for one, I have heard not a word from, since her burial. Her daughter sent her own daughter to an estate sale, to see what we were selling and to see what the girl could get for herself. After I told that daughter not to show up at the estate sales we had to do.

Then we have the sister, who with the daughter sat around her sister’s hospice bed in my home and talked over her dying sister about what she could get, out of my house, before my wife actually died. That my friends is just not right at all. Then this woman, my wife’s sister wants to know why I don’t bother calling her and talking to her, sad.

I know when my mother died in 1991, all of her children who were available, were there. We didn’t take our children on vacations or trips, we didnt go skiing, and leave her alone till she died, we were there. I found it highly disturbing to me, that the daughter and her children didn’t bother to be there.

Anyway, like i said the only time I heard from the daughter was when she wanted something after or during the time her mother died. She even sent me a list of items she wanted out of my home, after her mother passed. Who does that? In the end, I full filled her list and more and since she picked up it up, not a word from her or her kids. They have my e-mail and cell phone number, but not one calls to ask how I am doing. But the daughter did call to try to get all she wanted out of the home and to argue over, my, not letting her in the house. The whole situation was sad to me and I have no choice in all I do, next.

Father Time does not stop the clock from ticking, Mother Nature pays attention to no one either. facts don’t change and in the end neither do people. We live our lives around the people we like or enjoy and we avoid those we find disturbing, and argumentative or outlandish. We tend to move away from problem, uncaring or selfish people and we keep going in our own lives, till we die. I don’t like greedy people either, it’s sad.

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