Tomorrow is Thanksgiving , what are you thankful for?

November 24 is upon us folks, and tomorrow is Thanksgiving here in the USA. It will be the first holiday I am to be without my wife. I am thankful, though for knowing her, loving her, her saying yes to marrying me and the 28 years we spent together. I am very thankful for every moment we spent together and all we accomplished together. We had a special relationship, we had a love few have or have had. I am thankful I got to spend all I could with her till her end and passing.

What can I say though, well I am thankful, I did all I could for her, I am thankful she did not die in pain and she was never alone while I was with her. I am thankful that my sister came to help me survive the loss of my wife from the cancer we fought for sixteen years. I have much to be thankful in this life. I am thankful I am still here after suffering lung cancer myself in 2013, I am thankful for my doctor who found it and sent me to a scan. I am thankful I found it in time and survived it so I could take my wife through her cancer and be there for her. Yes I miss my wife, but I know now after 94 days of her being gone, I have no choice and must move on in life. Doesn’t mean I am rushing into relationships with other women, it means I am human and need company, companionship and someone to talk to.

So on this Thanksgiving tomorrow, I am thankful for my sister and her man who took me in when I almost committed suicide myself when my wife died. I am thankful I am a veteran and the veterans crisis line exists and the hospital too. I am thankful an online senior chat exists and they helped me and recommended I call the Veterans for help. So I have plenty to be thankful for, and many memories of my wife in my heart and mind to carry me through.

I pray others have family, and love and people who care enough to be with them always as their lives go on. The time we are on earth and this plane of existence, is all we have and we must use it wisely, live it fully and no matter what we must live it in the best way we know how. So, on this Thanksgiving tomorrow I want all of you out there to make more memories, show others you love them and be well. Happy Thanksgiving to all, who celebrate it. God Bless all!

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