The end of the past 28 years

Today is November 29th, 2021, and a new day begins for me at 4;30 am when I awoke. Yesterday, on Sunday, after I sent my wife’s daughter a picture of her mother’s headstone in place, I received a text message from her daughter. She is mad because she couldn’t get in my house after my wife died to ravage it and take what she wanted, tough luck huh! She is mad because I didn’t want to deal with her anymore after her mother died, the girl is selfish, greedy, foolish and talking crap, in plain english, and I won’t and don’t have to deal with her anymore.

The daughter cried about me not letting her in my home, and then cried and said I was delusional regarding what she did at the time of her mother’s death, I am not. The cost of burying someone in modern America is expensive period. I paid for the plots for my wife and I, I paid for her cremation, and her urn and her burial not her daughter, the cost came out over ten grand. The daughter cries she spent two thousand dollars on her mothers funeral and burial she didn’t. What she spent on and I specifically told her her mother did not want, was two grand to have a reception after her mother died. That two grand was not necessary,and I told her that before she did it. She says she made the arrangements, sure she called them, but in the end she didn’t pay for anything to do with my wife being buried. The two thousand she speaks of paid for a reception, that she put on, to look good for herself, and to bring all her friends to. It had nothing to do with my wife or her wishes. Sadly, this woman is all about what she could get out of her mother dying and nothing else.

Answer me some questions,why would you not be at either of your parents deaths when they died? Why did you and your Aunt sit across my wife’s body as she laid in her hospice bed dying and talk about how you are going to divide up her property and what you want of hers? Why did you miss your fathers death, and now your mothers? Why did you go on vacation with your children knowing your mother was dying and dying fast and you were told not to politely, yet you went?

Where were you the last sixteen years of your mother’s life as she was slowly dying and suffering in pain? Who do you think paid for her medical expenses, her equipment, her prescriptions and drove her to Scans, MRIs, and Doctors left and right? I did you selfish brat! I paid for her cars, her home and all belongings in it not her, she had no money period or income, your stupid.

Now, final time I will say this, you showed up late at your father’s death after he was gone and you showed up late after your mother’s death too, why? Second, why would anyone discuss dividing up a person’s property and how to get it after she dies over her dying body as she could listen but not talk? Why would you right after your mother died, stand in my driveway and argue with me over whether I would let you in the house to take what you wanted? Then when I said no and your own son told you I said no, later you send me a text message with a list of what you are demanding of your mother’s belongings? Who does this shit and then you call me delusional, your’re a sick warped woman, if you think so. In the end, I am reminded of The Brady Bunch, and the character of Marcia, Marcia, Marcia, she was a self centered, boring, greedy and demanding person in the show too.

I picked up your bullshit you said to me in your Facebook message, Let me tell you something, your an idiot if you think I said no to you and your kids coming to the estate sales after my wife died just to be mean and keep you from getting anything. I asked you not to come so there would be no emotional show and hurt for you and your kids. I had to do the estate sales, I was her husband it is my responsibility and job, not yours. So I did all I could in the right ways, did you? No.

I am sure, your mother is watching down over us, and I am sure she would be really upset and disappointed in your mouth, your attitude and your actions. I knew my wife well. If anything you should be fully ashamed of your actions, your attitude and your own behavior here. And don’t give me the pity party you are serving up either. I know we are all grieving your mother’s departing the earth and all of us handle it differently, but honestly speaking I have never in 65 years of life ever seen anyone do what you have done in the name of just trying to make yourself look good. I took care of my wife for 28 years kid, I fed her, dressed her, showered her ,changed her underwear and clothes, I took her for all appointments, scans and got all her prescriptions she needed. Where were you?

I used to think your ex-husband was the bad guy in the marriage you had, but in fact I now see why he got the divorce and left you. Sadly, the world needs to know what you are like, would you like me to openly tell everyone? Skiing was more important than being at your mother’s side while she died! Very sad in my book, your mom, gave you life, raised you, educated you and provided for you to attend college and get educated. And what she got from you when she died was a two thousand dollar reception she never wanted or needed and a gathering of your friends for your purposes not hers. They were your friends, not hers, they came for your purposes not your mothers or mine. So don’t cry to me about your two thousand dollars for the reception and say you put up for your mom’s death needs, you didn’t, I did. I have the receipts for the plot, the urn, the burial expenses and her headstone not you. And anyway, why are you crying over spending two thousand dollars on your mother for her death, I spent well over ten thousand! So go away OK, stew in your own crap and cry to the walls, run to your ski resort town and ski with your friends. In the end, you did nothing a normal daughter would have done for her mother, I did, it all, you did was phone calls and a reception! Sadly, my wife would not want us at each others throat or ignoring each other or even fighting I know that and so do you. In the end, I am glad i blocked you and removed you from my Facebook and phone now, I can see you will never and I mean never consider anyone else but yourself.

One last things I think what you did to your own 17 year old daughter was nasty, and hurt her deeply. After I specifically asked you not to come to the estate sales at the house, you decided no one would bother your daughter if she showed up. Well, when she did, I let her be, I didn’t tell her she shouldn’t be there, my sister did, But, that doesn’t matter to you you blame me. Did your daughter tell you who went to her, helped her find what she wanted to take home, helped her box it all and protected her while she was there? Me, that’s who! I carried her stuff to her car, I hugged her I let her cry and calmed her so she could drive home, did she tell you that, I bet not! I asked your daughter if you sent her, and of course she lied and said you didn’t, then why did she come with a bag of pictures from you of myself and your mother in hand? I am sorry you stooped to such a nasty dirty trick and exposed your daughter to what you did, for what, just to see what we were selling and so she could report back to you. You had zero respect for my wishes, and in the end zero respect for your own daughter, when you sent her in. I tried to protect any emotional trauma from happening for you and your children and now i am told I tossed your daughter out, that’s crap. Sadly now life must go on and yes we shall all grieve the loss of my wife, your mother, their grandmother, but, in the end why did you do all of the above and try to spit on me? I won’t accept it. I wish no one ill will, or harm or anything along those lines. I just want peace and quiet and a new life to live and be comfortable and meeting new people and making friends once more. God Bless all and thank all who read this and can understand it.

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