December 2nd, Holidays are Around the corner!

December 2nd, 2021 is here folks, Christmas has begun for many in this world and country. I hope the Holiday and time of season brings joy to all out there. It is a time of season and year we all enjoy because of family and friends and gifts to give and more. A singer/ songwriter I loved, wrote a song that went well with it all. Jim Croce was world renowen when he died and he brought many hits to the public before he did. From One Less Step pf Footsteps, to Bad Bad Leroy Brown, his music exploded onto the music scene and world at the time of his plane crash.

Jim wrote songs , that talked about life and times he lived in. He wrote New York’s not My Home. IT Doesn’t Have to be that Way. and so many more. His Christamas song for me was a great one too. IT went like this in the beggining, Sniwy Nights and Christmas LIghts, icey window panes, make me wish that we could be, together again. And On the windy, winter avenues, there walks a lonely man, and if I rold you who he was, but I thibk you’d understand. BUt, It doesn’t have to be that way, what we had should never have ended, and I’ll be stopping by today, and we can easily get it together tonight, it’s only right.

It was Jim’s way of talking of Christmas, winter, family and love in a song. Some need to find the song and use it these days. So as I remember, my Christmas memories and my departed wife at this time as the holiday gets closer each day. The laughter, the decorations, her warmth and love for me and mine for her. In the end, we all don’t have forever on this planet and all of us know that too. So as the Holiday Season is now upon us all, make new memories, make people laugh, make yourself laugh and enjoy all! Time is too short not to!!!!!!!! Happy Holidays from me to you!

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