Old song out there, that goes, Ya can’t always get what ya want!

Everytime and day we live we hope and wish for happiness, and relationships that work for us, you know that one special person that makes our lives whole forever more. Few are really lucky enough to do it once, others do it many times over, and their lives are better for it. I have had it for me in more ways then one so to say, so I am lucky.

I am not a real poet, songwriter or a rreal auther of much at all. I write things sown in my blog that range from life events. to dreams and more. Writing for me is just an exercise to keep my mind and heart busy and it seems to work for me.

Some say, each day we live and each person we meet, thereisa reason for it all. Fate? Destiny, what ever you all it, I have always said, each of us are intended to be where we should be and with whom the good lord says is right for each of us. No two people are ecer the same, abd that my friends is part of all that makes life worth living, is it not? Anyway, as it goes, we all go through life and stop and think at times, why did I day something to her, or him, when I could have! We look at relationship possibilities in different way and lights don’t we? Each of us must make decisions and choices in life and then live by them as we go along. Our reasons forour secision are are own in most xases and some are choices we have no way to avoid at all, vecuase we all temd too reralize, there are things we can not control in life.

For instance, attractions happen, we are all human and realistic, so when they do happen, we are also smart enough to make decisions to approach and say something to that person or not? Some make decisions, based purely on looks, some on physical attributes or sexy looks. Some just barge in and others are cautious, it is all a part of being human.

Have you ever stood across a crowded bar, or tavern or room or been to an event for fun and ended up watchingsomeone from afar. Maybe it is their look, or it is their smile, or hair, or the way they smile and laugh that gets your attention. Or something they may say or do, that attracts you.

Once that happens then the mind takes over in one swift act, and we make decisions on whether to say something to the person or not, based on morals, standards and real life facts don’t we? We go ok lets dive in and take a chance. or don’t go there, I’ll be laughed at. Chances are made to be taken yes, but within reason, is how they go.

When you meet someone you know you like, you have to consider the chance of rejection, you have to consider age differences, style differences, belief differences and yes even speech differences. I do it all the time, and I think all of us set those lines in the sand we know we should never attempt to cross. It’s all part of humanity.

Recently, I met someone, and found out she is simply a smart, happy person, who has many talents and attractive parts to her. Now, even though I can dream of her and the way she is, I also know age is a large factor and so is social status and friendships too. I can dream and admire her for who she is, and yes, she is special and in the end a stunner to see and watch. Admiring, is one thing, like is fine too, but knowing age differences there is absolutely no chance, in hell.

So what does one do when you reach that point, you do what any good hearted man or woman would do, you admire from afar, you say nothing and in the end you wish them the best and stay friends with them. You can’t pursue a 20 year old when your 70 so to say, and in the end you don’t because it is morally, ethically wrong and frowned upon by society as a whole and it is not in the norm to do. So, we do put restrictions on who we pursue for many reasons don’t we? It is life and the values, morals and ethics and beliefs we are all taught to adhere to in life. So, while ages, interfear, social staus interfears, so do logic and common sense. Admire, and watch is all one can do in this sense and case. It’s called society norms, society common sense, logic and you live with it always. That my friends is how life can go, and will for all of us. Old song out there, that goes, You can’t always get what ya want, but you try so hard, you get what you need! Always remember that one!

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