January 21st, is upon us all

January 21st, 2022 is upon us now. Time ticks on no m atter what and in the end the only battle really is between Father Time and mother Nature folks and they never give up, do they? It is an endless battle, or just maybe they be working together, no way of knowing for sure is there?

The Planet Earth, actually provides us with all we need to live upon it, but at the rate the human population grows, we are over using the resources of the planet. depleting what is needed for all of us to live. We are wasteful with energy and votal elements need to sustain us and we over mine the earth and it can not replenish itself fast enough. Is therea point when mankind will rralize it and stop, and do with less, so the planet can recover, that is something that will only happen, when the resources go low enough to cause a panic, for all mankind, it may be coming.

Next, lets talk some politics for today. I have watched news shows and commentaries that constantlt attack the current President and his Administration for everything that is wrong in America. The fact is folks, Biden has only been in office for a little overa year, you can’t change four years of total destruction and ways in one year, wake up. Takes time to unravel and pull apart the Trump mess. Then once you do you have to rebuild in such a way as it helps all America not just the rich.

Trump as is now apparent, in the news, and thew results coming out slowly in the ongoing investigation, January 6th, Committee, is in deep trouble as is his family and cohorts who attempted to overthrow the 2020 election, and rig the electorial voting process and certification. The Documents from Trump’s Administyration are now going to the Comittees hands to review and look at. Then you have Trump’s business practices which are wrong too, his children participating in all Trump did at his behest and of course Trump’s cronies and his so called lawyer at the time Gulianni. So what we end up with is a pretty devastating picture of what Donald J. Trump has been doing in his life, that is illegal, morally and ethically wrong and criminal in part cases.

As we go forward in time, The State of New York is moving forward in it’s cases against Trump and his organization also, and yes it is tightening a noose ,around Donald J. Trump. What Trump does is he tries to prolong all these cases, hoping it will cost his opponents more than they can afford, his problem is these are governement offices and they have the money to keep compiling and charging and will. Now, here is one thing for all to consider, Trump’s age is in play here as well as his health, which can happen first his being charged, convicted and in prisoned or jailed or fined or his health fails and he gets ill or dies? We won’t know untill it happens that is for sure, but it is interesting to watch and see.

Well, Friday has arrived folks and the weekend will begin soon enough for all of us. This weekend brings the Divisional Playoffs in the NFL and many televisions will be on. The games will be good games and the new playoff schedule and layout makes it so. Many predict the games and I know I have too in my own way, but, like all sports and games of chance there can be and most likely will be one or maybe two upsets. It will be interesting to see for sure.

Whats next, no one knows for sure in this world we live in, yet we tendto try to control all around us and all we do ourselves. The fact is fate, destiny and interaction with others determine all and we must adapt to all that goes on. Life is a chance and we live on this planet by chance also. Never forget, somethings are not in our control, there is only so much a humanbeing can do. LIfe shall go on no matter who dies, what happens, it wil continue, till suddenly it doesn’t, and wec an’t control that one.

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