NFL Divisional Rounds Picks and thoughts.

Ok after a scare and overnight in the Hospital I am home and well.

Playoff Divisional Round NFL 2022

Bengals Vs. Titans- 4:30 Pm, EST Saturday

1) While The Bengals have won their first Playoff game in 31 years here, are they really a match for a Titan’s team here. I don’t think so. The Titans are a run orienented offense that passes as necessary and they do it very well. Do the Bengals have a run defense to stop them I don’t think so. Plus Titans have the Home Field Advantage here. Take The Titans folks by 14.

2) 49ers Vs, Packers in Green Bay- The Packers are hot and they have a defense that works well and they have Rogers in their favor with a running game and recievers. 49ers would have to be perfect to win here, and i doubt they can. 49ers are a decent team yes, just not the level of the Packers in my opinion. Packers by at least 10

3) Rams Vs, Buccaneers in Tampa Bay.- Favorite easily Buccaneers due to returning champions and homefield and of course Tom Brady. Do the Rams have a chance here, yes but their defese must sack Brady a minimum of three times in this game and hold Stafford from being touched on Offense. The Rams must run or lose this game to the Bucs. big time, play take way from Brady. Can they do it, I have my doubts, Buccaneers better team overall, and want to repeat. Take the Tampa Bay Bucs by 10 here.

4) BIlls VBs, Chiefs- This could be the closest game of all four here, Bills have a defense and if they can get to Mahomes they have a clear chance. Chiefs are a great team but, if Mahomes can be sacked and intercepted Bills do have a shot. I will say it may be the Chief’s defense here for a vistory in my book. Take Kanas City here by 10 or 14 points.,

I love the NFL as many now know and I enjoy close games, will this weekend bring a few, i think so So Far my picks have won overall and moved on, but in the Divisional Round upsets do happen and may here. So be ready folks for anything, coaches get creative at this point trying to get to a Superbowl. But it is usually the teams that stick to what they do best, that win. Lets Play Football, go NFL.

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