January 24th, 2022

January 24th, 2022. Well, after a exciring weekend of NFL PLayoffs, DIvisional Round, I must sya it was the best playoff round I have seen in a very long time.

Out of the four games, there were three upsets and only one favorite that moved on to the AFC Championship Game. New blood in the Championship rounds in both conferences is good for all fans and the overall NFL itself.

The Bengals were the first and biggest Surprise for me on Saturday, and I must say, after 31 years of not getting into the playoffs, they showed themselves to bea team that doesn’t quit.

The 49ers, showed they have enough firepower offensively and a decent defense that steps up when needed, Well done on their part believe me, great game when they beat the Packers.

The Rams victory over Tampa Bay, went as i predicted, They got to Tom Brady, harassed him and sacked him enough to ultimately beat the bUcs, in a close contest. Well, done to the Rams.

The Chiefs will now after beating the Bills in a shoot out in Kanas City, move on and defend their AFC Title from last year. Mahomes and Kelce area great combo in KC, and that defense is good too. So how will the next round the two DIvisional Games go in my opinion and will I predict them, well, I will not at this time today. The possibilty of the 49ers beating the Rams is low considering they will be in the Rams home field, but, the 49ers can surprise and have. As to the the winner I would say ultimately the Rams. Time shall tell, it should be a good game for the NFC Crown. As to on theother end the AFC Championship, The Chiefs have proven they area powerhouse and Mahomes can do it allo, add in Kelce and the recievers and then that Chiefs defense and the Bengals are in trouble here. I admire the Bengals grit and never say die fighting spirit that got them to the AFC Championship. Yet, as much as I will root for the underdog Bengals to win it all. they are young, maybe too young to win this one. SO Look for Kanas City to win this one.

As the month flies by January always has for me since i wa sborn this month, it seems one step at a time even at the speed the month is passing is all I may do. I got an offer on my home in Connecticut and now must call two attorneys to get it done, one for the probate release for sale and the second to do the closing. Once those are complete, the house should go by March and I can pay off my car and buy a new place for myself to live.

IT is now over 5 months since my wife’s passing due to her cancer. I still miss her and think of her daily Like i told someone yesterday here, we grieve for the ones we love when they pass, then you get to a point where the grieving goes from grief to anger, to a numbness, Then you begin to realize, there is no way, you can bring them back. So, you begin to gather your wits and spirit back and recover slowly from the loss and do what is necessary to move on with your own life, taking care of yourself, each day in all ways. We have no choice ladies and gents if you think about it, we can’t choose who passes or when or how, the Good Lord handles that. It is beyond our decision as to when we get recalled to the Lord’s side.

Fate, and Destiny and of course the running of our life’s purpose and why we are on the planet earth are not things we, as mankind have ever figured out, the reasons for. We don’t control it in anyway. I once told someone, we are in a way, much like the ants that crawl beneath out own feet. We build our own ant hills so to say, cities, towns, hamlets or whatever, the ants do ant hills. We forage for food, we store it and we eat it and we scurry across the planet in outr own ways. We look down on the ants, but who is looking down on us observing what we do and how we do it is the only question here.IN the end we shall never know if my observation of the human to any comparrison is real and valid or not, just that I had it.

Well, next, is what? I don’t know yet as i work my way through my wife’s passing, the probate, house emptying and sales i must do. As I told one person it must be one step at a time, one item at a time until finally it is over and I have whatI need to survive on y own till my own passing.

As I said before to thers and I shall repeat here now, all I want now till I pass myself is a place of my own, for comfort, warmth and peace. I hope and pray I shall find one in a place where I am among those 55 plus and comfy. Do I need huge or expensive no, warm and comfy well heated and in the end easy access and close to hospitals I need to reach helps. Time shall tell I am sure now. Time waits for no one and the battle for supreme position will always be between Mother Nature and Father Time, neither has won and probally never will, unless, one side or the other fails and that shall be the end of all on earth.

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