January 25th, 2022, God Bless!

Life has many stages to it folks, your baby years and then your childhood years, then your teens, the next thing you know your through your 20s and into your thirties, why because your so busy. By the time you hit your forties, your pretty much settled into a family life of your own in some manner. The next thing you know you fly through the forties and fifties and suddenly you hit your sixties, and realize shit I am on the downslide side of life. All of us tend to not realize it, until the aches and pains start to happen and catch up to us. Welcome to my world now, at sixty six years old. I never thought I would pass forty years old, yet here I am.

What did I learn for sixty six years of life besides the basics of course, 1) Treat all you meet with respect 2) Never forget your family and friends 3) LIve life each day, without harming anyone else. 4) Slow down, smell the roses as you go 5) Do what you want to and need to, as you go, if you really want it do it, or you miss it and will regret it. There is always regrets in all of our lives, I don’t care who you are, in the end we miss things we never should have, and go damn. Can’t change it and you learn, there are rules to life, morals, ethics, manners and in the end we all have reasons for our choices. Choices we make, we make quickly sometimes, or slowly, but once made we must live with them and carryon. So, stop, think and then decide especially if it is a very important decision.

IN all my life now of sixity six years mind you, I have never really celebrated my birthday and I don’t need to. Yet, when I turned forty, my second wife before I married her, gave me a forty Birthday Party. I loved my second wife and still do today, over 5 months after she has passed and left me here.I miss her, she was my lover, my confident, my partner and more and i will miss her forever more. She did tell me before she passed, 1) I would be ok 2)She loved me and 3) She wants me to be with her for all eternity when I join her. So, as it goes now, I am trying to carry on and move on with life and as I tell everyone it is one day at a time. Thank You to all who know me and have reached out and sent condolences and have wished me well.I believe no matter what, I am living a life that has been decent to me in all ways, even if I lost my wife to cancer and I have had cancer myself. Never did I surrender folks and no one should, stay strong, stay smart, have a heart and remember, to be good, fair and treat all decent. Life is only a mystery we live through, because we do not control our own fate, or destiny, but we adapt and adjust and survive. No one knows when the Good Lord shall recall us to his side, so we live on until he does. God Bless All!

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