The Vagabond Life

BY: William M. McCurrach 11/17/2022

When I was young, it was fun to roam from family to family,

From home to home,

Never realizing, I was alone!

I couldn’t stay at home, where I was used, abused and ignored,

So I would roam, roam and roan, like a vagabond without a home.

As I got older, I kept running you see,

I had no choice, for I came from a violent family,

LIke a vagabond I would roam, from family to family, wishing for a decent home.

As I grew and aged I came to see, the vagabond life was not for me.

I wanted a home, a place to stay, a place that was mine,

Both nite and day.

I wanted a wife as part of my life,

and children to love and keep,

I found what I wanted once and then it escaped me,

And back to being a vagabond became a way for me.

I don’t wnat to be a vagabond, it is just not me,

A vagabond is not the life for me.

I choosea different route, I joined the military,

Life became a routine, that grew on me,

Then, I was injuried and discharged you see,

Turns, out I was back to a vagabond life for me.

It lasteda few more years, as my eyes filled with tears,

I figured it out, and did not shout, and found another you see,

Who agreed that a vagabond life was not for me.

We joined at the hip and got married, it was like a story book fairytale,

Together we had it all, a big home, and cars and two of everything we needed,

IT was then, I knew as I do now,

The vagabond life was not for me.

I don’t want to be a vagabond,

Living out of suitcases and boxes and bags,

A Vagabond life is not for me!

Because a vagabond has no home, a vagabond lives alone and a vagabond is always on their own,

with no place to live, is stuck alone,

To die alone on their own.

A vagabond is not what I want to be, So please hear me!

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