Stop Enabling Donald J. Trump.

Last night, Former President Donald J. Trump, declared his third run for the Presidency of the United States. The fact that he is doing so, should bother not only his fellow Republicans, but all Americans. He should not be capable of doing so, nor should he be allowed on the legal front either. In American History no President has committed crimes and done so much damage to the American democracy and Republic as Donald J. Trump has accomplished. Sadly, he has followers and that shall be a problem for America. If this man, wins in 2024, America is done as a democracy and republic, and we may as well be russians. or communists, or as some have said a dictatorship. The fact that the Republicans are so scared of Trump, that they have no guts or balls to stop Trump is a sad discussion and subject as well as mark against the republican party. MItch McConnell, Kevin McCarthy and Lindsey Graham and others, kissing Trump’s ass and backing him will destroy our country. It’s damgerous folks and i don’t care what anyone says.

Trump lost in 2020, he denied he lost and refused to concede. He set up an attack and insurrection against his own country and governement and when forced to leave office, he threatened to hang his own vice president. Then he set up the riot against the capital and brought in the Proud Boys. Qanon and Oath Keepers. Yet he is still allowed to run again? Why?

Worse then the above, DOnald J. Trump left office and took hindreds of secret and top secret documents to his home in Mar A lago, for what purpose I ask you all. Why didhe have them, who did he show them to, who was he going to use them against, who is he going to blackmail with them? Did he show them to Russians, North Koreans, or anyone else.? How many Chinese, North Koreans, or Russians visited Mar A Lage and saw these documents?

I remind all now, by allowing Donald J. Trump to run for the Presidency in 2024, he was twice Impeached in one term, he stole secreta nd top secret documents and he set up attacks on our capital and against our politicians, almost killing them. We watched as his people destroyed the capital, and almost destroyed and took apart our country and now he can still run! Why?

I will say this, Donald J. Trump is not runningt to win election to the Presidency, he is runningt o stop the indictments and charges against him. The charges in New York, Georgia and bt The Federal Justice Department should be enough to stop him from running. Anyone supporting Donald J. Trump must know, his odds of winning are very low #1, number two dangerous for the violence will restart. Why are we allowing a man who is under investigations in three areas or more to run for the Presidency, please explain that?

I would love to see one reporter, for CNN or anothe rnews agency on Television, go to the prison and jail cells of the members of the OathKeepers, Qanon Members and Proud Boys Members and interview thjem and ask them how they now feel about Donald J. Trump. Now that they are convicted felons, can’t vote, and have to serve time and pay fines for doing what Trump told them to do on January 6th! Ask them how they feel about him running again, and tey being locked up as he eats steaks, drinks champange in Mar A Lago and play golf on the countries dime.

In the end do me a favor CNN, lets talk about Trump’s failures! His failures to sell steaks, water, his cheating of students with his Trump University. His cheating of contractors in New York and beyond, The Charges the Governement may bring, Georgia may bring and New York too. His Twice Imeachment, his getting the capital destroyed! Are you scared of Donald J. Tump? Seems to me, that Congress fears him or they would ban him from public office! They are cowards and they are going to sit back and let him try to do it all again.

Donald J. Trump should be banned from public office, he should be arrested for the crime he has committed. Instead The Justice System won’t charge him because he is now a candidate for the Presidency again. New York and Georgia have no such deal with Congress, they should proceed and charge him. Yet, again, cowards ruled the roast here don’t they, in the meantime, Trump will run an dbe protected by these stupid agreements. Congres is filled with cowards and enablers of Trump,that is why he can do this.

Stop Enabling Donald J. Trump. stop protecting him, start charging him an dprotecting the country we live in. Ban him now, charge him now, indict him now and lets get him a public trial for all to see on tv. I think all are scarred! It is sad as hell.

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