I wish all a Very Happy Holiday Season of course!!!

Hello December 11th, 2022, and yes I am still alive and kicking here! I know I have not been writting blogs lately, I am trying yo settle in to a new home and a new life in a bew state and town here in Mass. Westborough is a cozy little town to live in and is mostly quiet and peaceful. You may even call it boring actually, because not much really happens here. I have been here since Maech of 2022 now, living in a condo unit in a 55 plus communinty. As the community grows I am sure it will get a little more intersting for sure. Yet for me I go day by day, I walk a lot, I read some, I write and chat online,I play X-box, I read, Once a week I play pool at the clubhouse and once a week now I bowl for fun in the league here. Other wise I mind my own business basically, and hope for the best.

It’s now been 16 months since the passing of my wife, each day I think of her. Yet I have come to realize she can not come back to me, and yes I miss her still. I am trying to deal with the present now, leave the past behind, it does not mean I shall ever forget her, it just means I am alive and must carry-on in life. IT is a decision all widowers must make and learn as we go along I believe, or we do not survive on our own very long.So forward is where I am trying to go, to try to find someone to make me laugh again, someone I like sharing time with, and someone who I am compatable with near my age in my area here.

Christmas Season is now upon us once more. I am sure most have family and friends to share the time with and exchange gifts with, I do not. So, I shall more than likely be alone through the season and intoi the New Year of 2023 is I survive it all. Hopefully I shall, but like I always say no one control fate or destiny, nor does anyone control mother nature or father time. So each day I wake up I basically wonder, why am I here, what purpose is my being here for? I have not found a reason or answer as of yet. Hopefully something will happen to show me the way, as i carry on day by say, just being me.

Life is a mystery folks in many ways, for we do not know why we are here on this planet, what our purposes are for real, do we? Yet we live upon this planet, scurrying to and fro each day, interacting with one another, yet seperate from each other in our own ways. Who knows our real purpose for being here asa part of humanity? Our creator is the answer, I havea singular belief, that we are all placed here on this planet to complete missions, preprogrammed into us genetically at birth, to complete certain things in life. When we complete the missions assigned to us, we fullfill our purpose and missions and we are recalled, back to whence we have come from. That is my belief and as to what those missions or purpose may be, we are not allowed to know, just do as we go.

I have certain things I do, and so do each of you. Some of us are destined to shine brightly and bring light to those around us and others are meant to do the opposite. I think we balance each other out in the end.

I write as I say, these blogs, I have done short stories and poems too and posted them online. I don’t care if people like my work, or the stories I tell are complete or incomplete, I just do them. It’s to entertain my mind, to occupy me as a person and keep me going. Some do it to make money and are very prolific at it, I am not and never claimed to be. Yet I write.

I walk to keep my joints working each day, for at my age one must have some form of exercise to keep moving. I have been told my sense of humoris strange by some, by others I am said to be funny. I can ve sarcasic, bombastic, silly or serious. We all can I am sure.

Now for those who I have met in my area and place i reside and live in, let me say this, I find many people nic ehere, we are all in the same age range. I have been here now since March of 2022, and met many. I avoid involvements with women here for a reason, its only common sense. As my sister told me, you don’t want to shit in your own backyard, it comes back to haunt you. A condo community, talks, it will spread rumors and ideas and thoughts and people point fingers. I want no one pointing at me about any relationships I may have, so I stay alone. Secondly, I don’y know if people realize, but, I do not take to being compared to other men, in meat market comparrison very well. So, I avoid such things by minding my own.

Now, I am not saying there are not women here that would interest me, I am saying I shall not go there for fear of the meat market comparrison and the too close knit community item I have mentioned. I have looke don dating sites also, of course, any normal man would who is single in this day and age. I have not found anyone in reasonable distance from me to meet, nor do I believe the dating sites really work. It’s just a way to have fun is all now-a-days. Am I lonely, yes, do I miss female companionship yes, yet, I know better than to do so here.

As, you can see, many things go through my mind, if you have read my blogs before. I cover politics, I write books, short stories, poems and blogs. Overall I never know what I shall write next, so I just write. I hope by doing so, I voice what I feel, what I know to be ral and what I dislike too. It all helps balance me as a man.

IT is now December 11th, 2022, the Christmas Season is in it’s swing now, there wil be parties and celebrations right through the New Year. I hope and pray for all, that they are happy and fun for all involved. I wish all a Very Happy Holiday Season of course!!! May your Holiday Season be filled with smiles and cheer,! May you family and friend stay very near. May you rloved ones be healthy and you be fine, For now my friends it is Christmas Time!

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