December 13th, 2022/Personal/Politics too

Hello to all, on December 13th, 2022. as the days tick toward X-mas and the New Year, I hope all becoming filled with laughter and cheer. Tis is the Season for shopping and presents, laughs and sometimes tears, but it is a time for all to be with family and friends I believe.

For me 2022, will be the first full year that has passed that I am alone again in many years. Learning to live alone again after a long relationship and marriage is not easy, but we all adapt top the circumstances we go through don’t we. Learning to pay my own bills, do my own laundry and dishes and such, hasn’t been too bad on me, for I did it while married too. The hard part of being single again, is the simplest part, the quiet, the being actually alone most of the time and trying to occupy my own mind and find things to do.

So, I do puzzles, I read books, I clean my condo, I walk the area around me and the malls. I try to chat online in chat rooms, I play X-box on and off these days too. I have looked into Dating Sites like Ok Cupid and Zoosk and such and found that most are just money grabbers, and many profiles are either old or fake in them. So, I try to just look and not react to any of the e-mails from them after i join em. Seems, there are no rral ones out there, that won’t cost a guy or girl my age a fortune to try or get into. Everyone wants your money these days and many women know what they have and how to use their bodies and looks to get it too. But that is normal here in America and in the world these days, and it is just a fact of life is it not?

As to what is next I still do not know for me. I continue to write my blogs as you can see here. I haven’t lately gone back tpo story writing, or poetry much, only when a thought hits me, doI do so these days.

Politics is maddening in America to watch and the corruption and dishonesty that is happening is gross today. I don’t care what anyone says, whether Donald J. trump was President makes no difference, the crimes that occurred on January 6th, need to be tried and convicted an dpunished or they will happen again. I remind all, Donald J. Trump was handed millions when he turned of age, then he started cheating contractors out of money by paying them cents on the dollar and workers too. Then he failed at selling water, steaks, and he duped millions out of money with his Trump University scam and got richer. Then one day he decided he is running for President and he conned America into Electing him,sadly enough.

I remind all Trump supporters, he did nothing for you or me, he put through a tax bill that saved him and his rich cronies money, he failed to build he wall on the Mexican Border. He screwed up all reactions to COvid and even suggested people drink bleach to kill the virsus. Then he got the covid virsus in the White House, and hid the fact he was treated for it and survived it.

Then he reran for President for a second term and failed, Instead of being a honorable man, and comceding to Joe BIden, he decided he was going to try to stay in The White House, by causing riots and sedition against his own governement, Sad. The Capital, our Capital came under attack because he denied he lost the election and tried to stop the certification of the votes. He almost killed Senators and Representatives by the attack on the capital, and he siced, people on his own Vice President too. Sad indeed.

Then when forced to leave Office he ran to Florida, taking with his top secret and secret documents he has no reason to have with him. Stored them on his property, hid them from the governement and got caught doing so. Some please tell me what he had those documents for, who did he show them to in Mar a Lago? Then, he is served with Search Warerents to retrive said documents,, turns some over and hides more. I remind all he had hundreds of top secret and secret documents, and hid them not once, not twice but three times, the last few werefound in a storage unit belonging to him, just lately. Now, I want to say this carefully so all understand this, if you or I, civillians who are citizens of America, did the same with these documents or any documents of the like, where we would be right now, locked up and not seeing daylight for many years. So why doesn’t The Department of Justice Arrest, charge and indict Donald J. Trump? To me he is traitor, a insurrectionist, a sedious son of a bitch. He stays in Mar a Lago and runs for reelection again, and no one is stopping him, why is that? I remind all in The Justice Department, and all American Citizens, heis now just another American Citizen with no protections from prosecution, indictments or charges and he should be arrested and put behind bar, not be running for President again!

No wherer in America’s 246 year history, has any President led an isurrection and attack on our capital before. Never has an American President asked people to hang his Vice President either unto Donald J. Trump did. Never did a President sit in the White House and watch such an event happen and do nothing about it. Donald J. Trump did! Explain to me how he is still free and able to run for President again, Congress and the Americna people!!!! Please Explain it to me and others, for I see no way it should be allowed.

2022 is rolling to an end folks, and the debacle that is Donald J. Trump and all he has caused and done should be rolling toit’s end too, if it doesn’t we shall be in trouble in America. This man had the gall to call for the end of Constitional Rule and the shunning of our Constitution here. You really think a man who doesn’t believe in our Constitution should be able to run for President? Stop him, arrest him, charge him, indict him amd end the farce that is Donald J. Trump now!!!!

If he allowed to run for the Presidency again, we shall see more violence, more damage and more anger. Stop Donald J. Trump Congress, only Congress can stop him from running again by banning him from ever holding a public office again in America! Let’s Ban DOnald J. Trump now! Call your Senators, your representatives, and lets not let him on the ballot again!

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