TO: President Biden and Congress, and America

Debt Crisis looms as Politicians act like children pointing fingers at each other in Washington, DC! As the Debt climbs and we run out of money to pay America’s bills and risk our credit rating as well as needy Americans livelyhood and abilty to survive, the two parties point fingers, call names and act like children.

All the politicians come on tv talking about the debt crisis, they smile and talk like they are concerned, if your so concerned lets see you stay in Washington and pass a budget! Why are you all going home on Vacation with a week till we default as a country?

As the debt limit date gets closer McCarthy points at the Democrats, Then Biden points at the Republicans, in the meantime millions of Americans won’t be able to survive, or pay their bills, because you are threatening to cut Social Security and disabilty checks. How many Americans will be on the streets and these politicians don’t care?

I do not care as a Disabled American Veteran, who relies on his Disabilty Check every month and his social security check once a month to survive, as to who is to blame, I want a budget I want my checks, I want to survive. You think, as politicians you can sit there and point fingers and play word games and gamesmanship, to oneupmanship the otherparty? Why? Stop, your both to blame, not just one or the other!

You represent the people in your districts and in this country, you have a job to do, do it. Stay in Washington, work on a budget avoid the default! Now all of Congress and The House wants to go on Vacation, and enjoy themselves while those of us needing our checks will get screwed, wrong, wrong, wrong.

I remind all politicians, you work for us, you should be forced to stay in Washington, you should be forced to work until you do your jobs and pass a budget and stop us from defaulting and make sure the needy are taken care of.

Dear President Biden,

I request you order Congress The House and Senate to stay in Washington until a budget is passed. I request you stop their paychecks, immediately if they leave Washington, and use their paychecks to help pay for the debt, and see how they feel then? President Biden, you must pull the trigger and get these politicians to pass a buidget fast, stop their vacations and paychecks now, make them solve the debt and passa budget! I watch news daily and I hang my head in shame at Congress and the political arena currently at play in America. We are a country built on pride, patriotism and honor, yet politicans act like children and point fingers at each other, sadly, the country and those of us who are needy, get screwed so you can play games? Stop it from happening President Biden, make them stay in Washington, cut their vactaions and their paychecks they work for us. You are the Executive of the American Governement it is time to make a stand and make it happen now before the debt limit is reached! .

In closing let me say this to you President Biden, I served my country for 16 years in three branches, I am disabled and count on my Veteran’s Disabilty check and Social Security each month. Do we who served and protected and defended our country have to be abused and stripped of that which keeps us alive monthly, because you politicians want to blame the other party, stop the finger pointing, solve the debt limit, passa budget and leave Social Security, Veterans Disability and Benefits as well as Medicaid and Medicare alone. America has always paid it’s bills, don’t fail now, get it done, I don’t care what Political Party you are! Do It now?

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