I guess I am like one of those Grumpy Old Men like in that movie.

As we age and I am surely at 67, we tend to think we know enough of our own bodies, to handle ourselves and be fine. But sometimes we make mistakes and we survive them and go, damn I was lucky. Recently I was having a problem where my vison blurred and gas built up in my gut so to say. I had diarria for a few weeks and gas build up, a lil light headed and just went ah I am getting old, to myself.

Yet I didnt think it was anything big, so I tried to stop some medications I take, to alieviate the dizziness and the gas build up. BUt my condition got worse in about two days time and I had no choice but to go to my Doctor for help. I was bloated, I was slightly dizzy, my vison was not well either.

I went in to my Doctor and she did a full exam of me starting with my Blood Pressure. Surprise my Blood Pressure was sky high, 215 over 99. She checked my back injuries and my bloating too. Then she ordered new meds, and wouldn’t let me go home until my Blood Pressure came down. That took about a full hour of time. She took my blood pressure every 30 minutes after she gave me new meds for it.

Turns out I was close to a stroke for sure. A few more points higher and I would have been passed out and on a stretcher, on my way to a Emergency Room. We all learn lessons sometimes the hard way, I did. I have 6 herniared discs in my spine, siatica and Blood Pressure problems. Because of the gas build up, and diarria I stopped taking my meds. As my doctor said bad choice, call if I need to or go to the ER, never stop medications.

It has been over a day now and it has taken that long for me to get back to normal. It was indeed a bad decision and as my doctor told me to let her be the doctor not me, from now on.

I live alone these days, since my wife died in 2021 from cancer. I survive lung cancer in 2013 myself, so September it will be 10 years as a survivor. I wa slucky my wife was not, sadly. I miss her and her knowledge, her companionship,, our interactions and her actions and more. Living alone is rough I get lonely, depressed and then try to walk it off. I feel isolated all the time and a 596 Square foot condo, doesn’t do a thing for me. I know nothing of the area I live in, so I spend many hours and days alone. Isolation I am told is not good for people. I agree but I am in a new rown, new state and area and know no one or anything to do here. SO I end up building puzzles, reading books, and walking. I don’t drink, or do drugs and I tend to shy from social events, I always feel like i don’t fit in, so I avoid it all.

The only question that remains to be answered for me is a simple one, how long can one live under my situation, each day, is a lonely one for me. I have no relatives near me, I don’t make friends easily either. So I guess I am like one of those Grumpy Old Men like in that movie. I go day by day in the same way, so time will tell I am sure. One day at a time is all I can do alone.

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