Holidays,Family/ Politics

Holidays are meant to be peaceful, with children laughing, parents talking and family and friends. But as we all know this is not true for all in the world and the way the world is going this can indeed be a rare occurrence for many families. Arguments, fights and more are traditions in some homes for the holidays as weird as that sounds. People love to gather around and argue politics, religion,books, films, history and in their own way to them it is fun. For others arguing in any manner on a holiday is just plain wrong, but you can’t change what is ingrained into a family no matter what, for you are indeed what you are taught. It take a conscious effort on people’s parts to change their ways, to fully understand one another and make it all work.

       Yesterday, Thanksgiving 2011, brought together families who watched football, or cooked together and many who ate together and socialized. That is what the holiday is meant to be. Most families on such a holiday will go out of their way to make ends meet and make it right for family and loved ones.

         Traditions are hard to break as it is also hard to change someone. You can’t force change, but you can guide it, you can teach it and make people believe and know it is the way to go.Leaders of Nations, movements,organizations and businesses, make changes as needed for financial reasons, operating reasons, or because of poor employees. America is built on change, advancements, and the need to socialize in my eyes. Again though I am just one opinion among billions in the world.

Here is the vital question after a Holiday such as America’s Thanksgiving, where so many gave thanks for what they have, Are we really able to accept where we are politically, financially and stability wise here in America? And is there a peaceful way to make the changes necessary to bring back our jobs, our homes, and more? Is there a peaceful way to get our politicians in Washington, we voted in, to get off their asses and help the American People instead of deadlocking the system and going no- where? We need to find it if we can, for each day America goes further and further down the tubes.


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