Black Friday-Rushes/Injuries

      Ladies and Gentlemen, Black Friday now starts on Thanksgiving night and people line up to race and fight, for items put on sale for a short time, the facts that the stores do it, should be a crime. People line up around the store building all in a row, waiting for security and police officer to say it’s ok to go. They stampede one another to grab certain things and give no care of who they hurt as items fly and fling!.

        This year Black Friday brought out people who cut lines. fought with others for positions in malls and stores lines, and some in each side of our great and grand nation, who even decided to bring pepper spray and spray their fellow customers and human beings to get the items first!. Why must people go to these lengths to hurt each other over items that will come back to the stores shortly after the Black Friday Sales end, beats me. I don’t go to stores on Black Friday Weekend just because of these things happening.

      Black Friday started the Christmas Season along with ending Thanksgiving day, talk about commercialization of American Holidays!. The Christmas rush now starts Thanksgiving night before Thanksgiving ends silly huh. People first fill themselves with food and place all the dirty dishes in their sinks, and rush to a store to start Christmas Shopping and fighting with each other to buy presents. Sad isn’t, how greed to save a few bucks causes man and woman to attack one another over an item that is only a few bucks cheaper them it would be regularly?

      The Television news channels are full of people who decided I will take pepper spray with me and spray anyone who stops me from getting what I want, first. Sadly people were injured,tasered, and pepper sprayed so Americans can attempt to save a few bucks on toys and such. Wake up people, you may have to pay a few bucks more later, but at least no one gets hospitalized or injured. It’s a  sad statement on America, when grown adults go to sales at stores and actually attack one another, but it’s a sadder statement on the American people when they bring weapons and assault one another over it all. The American legal system needs to get involved and do something to calm this scene down and control this. And State, Cities and Federal laws need to be corrected or created to prevent this kind of damage to people over sales.

Personally I believe to read the stories of what happened at the start of Black Friday, on Thanksgiving Night, where customers acted like animals and fought each other to save a few bucks, reflects badly on the American people and society as a whole. This is the land of the free, then land for all, but it is not a land where you should do as you please to get what you want. Wake up, Folks!.



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