Republican Dreams

      The Republican Party is not getting ready yet to Nominate a Candidate to oppose Barack Obama, but the way this Republican Race is shaping up, not a one of these people could win!.

       Eight Republicans and not one is smart enough to realize they can’t get their own parties nomination, why is that? The way it is going, by the time they get a nominee, people will be laughing so loud it will be over.

     The front-runners who have led the race for the Republican Nomination are silly and not silly candidates at all. Bachman was the first leader of this gang, and she lasted for a short time. She is not Presidential material and she knows it, she is no Hillary Clinton, or even Condy Rice. Yet she intends to waste money and time in an effort just to be heard on a National Stage.

       Then came Herman Cain, He sounded strong conservative, smart and as a businessman had somethings going for him. Then and still comes the accusations of sexual misbehavior, harassment and ultimately now, infidelity. Does Herman Cain really believe he can do what Bill Clinton did and get away with it? I doubt it, Clinton at least had more leadership skills and the Democratic Liberal backing, Cain does not have any of that so far from his own party. As soon as all started to come out on Herman Cain’s sex life and personal life as it is, the Republican Party started backing away from him and it didn’t take them 9 hours, 9 days or 9 months lol.

     Now here comes Newt Gingrich for President.  This man has more baggage than Bachman and Cain combined yet, he is now the front-runner? What the hell is wrong with Republicans these days, have you all been drinking or smoking pot? Gingrich is a man with experience yes, but his experience is not right for America, nor is he capable of leading us to a better economy or back to a world leader position in affairs and might. Some of his ideas are outrageous and foolish just as were Bachman’s and Cain’s.

       What I don’t understand is why  the Republican Party will not just support Romney for President. He looks Presidential, he acts it and his ideas are not too conservative or crazy. Yet because Mr. Romney is a Mormon, they won’t back him? What else is there?  Romney stays steady, speaks clearly and can debate, but is he capable of beating Obama is the real question, the answer is probably no, but close.

      Who is gonna be the next leader in the polls for the Republican Nomination for President? Well, it could turn out to be Ron Paul, but again, Mr. Paul comes up as the most liberal sounding Republican in history half the time. Is Mr. Paul capable of chasing down Obama and beating him, I seriously doubt this. Radical and raw are what I call Mr. Paul and at times he sounds like he rants and raves as bad as my blogs. So what is the Republican Party to do?

      If the Republican Party wishes to seriously compete and have a chance at the 2012 Presidential Election, and win, they need to immediately start to slim down their field  to a reasonable number like two or three. Which ones do you pick then right, well I wish I could say, but I can’t. I do know from a voters view-point, too many horses in a race makes for a clogged field of dreams!.



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