Will America ever Learn?

      Noticing the political landscape of America at times is silly unless you are a candidate for office right? Well, sometimes that is true, and may be vital to their plans to get elected to the Presidency, but this year 2011 and into next I think the Candidates on both sides need to wake up. This is not the game you people really think you are playing where you go for people in your own party and that is it. Voting is now complicated and so is figuring the outcome  for each candidate.

       Some believe they need to target the Republican side and the conservatives, others believe they must go for the liberals and Democrats, I disagree with all of that. First and foremost, the candidates need to wake up to reality in America. The one fact they keep forgetting will be the one that will lose them the race, the part of our population that counts most, the Independents. Silently the independents watch the debates and newspapers and listen to news reports. We see the foolish acts these candidates keep pulling and wonder what they hell they are in the race for?

       Independent will determine who the next President is, whether Obama will get a second term or not. The independents are made up of the part of the population, all candidates are forgetting right now, the baby boomers. We baby boomers are older, smarter and number in the millions if not billion range when we go to the polls. So go ahead candidates forget us, attack our Social Security and Medicaid, try to cut them, and you will cut the knees off your own campaigns.  Todays elderly, of the age 50 and over is yesterdays baby boomers results, we are now growing older, smarter and stronger in numbers and will control elections in the end. Take a look candidates at the numbers in America, of citizens over 50, and you will see. We are here in great numbers and silently we go to the polls on election day, do you want our votes?

The over 50 population in America is the forgotten one today. So you candidates rant and rave on how you will cut the budget by cutting Medicaid and Social Security, wrong we paid into it, we want out benefits. Be careful, you won’t win going there.  You want to win, secure and make both Social Security and Medicaid financially solvent and keep them working. Many Americans over 50 today in America are dependent on Social Security / Social Security Disability and Medicaid, don’t take it from those  of us that need it now.

      I tire of politicians who think the only way of cleaning up the financial debt America has is to cut benefits to the elderly or ill and dependent, wrong. I will give you a solution to the debt crisis in America if you want one, listen up.

  1) Stop giving aid to people who don’t give a shit about America

  2) Stop policing other countries and fighting their wars.

    3) Bring home our troops, our weapons and equipment and spend those funds on stopping homelessness and hunger here in America.

 I think America hasn’t learned many lessons over the decades and centuries we have been here. We need to learn to mind our own business, take care of our people and country first before we help anyone else. We have  policed and fought other countries wars now for a long damn time. We went into Korea to defend one half of her people from the other, wasted money, equipment and men and women for what to end up trapped in the DMZ and to accomplish nothing. We then waited a little bit and said oh let’s try this policing thing again and stepped into Vietnam like idiots and did it all over again. America can not police  other countries and fight their wars. These people we jump in to defend to police for and help, don’t give one damn about us.

       Now we got ourselves in predicaments we don’t belong in Iraq, Afghanistan and now Iran is acting up. We are not the police force, of the world we are not the protector of the world, nor are we responsible for how these countries and their people try to kill themselves. When will America learn?

        As some of our troops come home this Holiday Season in time to be with families, we should look once more at what we are doing and back up and say no more. No more defending someone else’s values and beliefs, no more fighting someone elses wars and policing their countries. We led the world for so long, now the world is ahead of us, and we suffer each time we reach out, stop reaching, please. If you think I am wrong here, stop and think of this, America has lost its Triple AAA rating for credit, we have dropped now to the tenth best economy in the world, our job markets are empty and people walk our streets holding signs ” Will Work for Food” , “Homeless”. They live in cardboard boxes, lose their homes and beg for food in many states and areas in the USA. It is time we stopped helping others and helped our own.  

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