Please Listen America!

December 7th, is a day that is recorded as the date, Pearl Harbor happened.  Currently, it is not mentioned enough in America in my opinion, for Americans have a feeling of security that is false in many aspects.  We ignored homeland security for many years and then got hit by Al Qaeda, the towers fell and all of a sudden wewere alert once more. Well, we need to stay alert today and forever more.

Trump is my primary concern here right now. He has angered Arabs by his Israel declaration on where they will place our Embassy. That is just one example of the problem with having Trump as President.

Trump has accepted cash from other countries, he has lied to the American People, He has colluded with Russia and his campaign members are now being indicted and will be tried for their involvement in this. He has allowed all of it to happen, encouraged it, and what father, puts his son and daughter at stake with legal problems to get elected as President? DO You know of any other  that has in American History.

Benedict Arnold, was a General who committed Treason against the United States in the Revolutionary War, as we all know. Arnold colludded with Britain against Washington and America, and was forced to flee America to end up dying in Britain. What Arnold did was wrong, against the people and the constitution and laws, and now we have a President who can collude with Russia to win the Presidency and stay in Office? COme on now I want to point out one thing more here folks, President Richard Nixon who did more good for America then Trump ever can or will, was Impeached for a lot less and he did not collude with any other nation, never mind our mortal enemies the Russians.

Trump has placed Manafort, Gates, Roger Stone, Donald Trump JR., Popodoupulous, at stake for prison terms. He has put at risk his daughter’s marriage also, by using Jared Kushner at stake, by having him speak with the Russians also. What is wrong with this picture folks, would a stable, mentally able man, with children, and grandchildren, place his children in danger and not care?  Would you as a Husband, a Father  or Grandfather do such thing, or would a woman who is a mother,  do the same thing to get the office? I think not, Trump does not realize the legal problems he has created for all the individuals mentioned above, he doesn’t worry or care about it either.

He is egotistical, and a megalomaniac, a narcissist, and mentally unstable. He is isolating America from the world with each decision and act he takes, does America and it’s people want to be withdrawn from the world, do we really want a President who does this?  Listen to me, Please for someone must speak the truth, the 2016 election produced foolishly a President who is dangerous and deadly and one whom we the American People should remove from office in any way possible.


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