Sexual harassment is Wrong/ But so is False Accusations!

The Sexual Harassment Allegations grow in COngress in both Houses as men are picked off one by one by women. Now I am not being assine, here or ignorant, yet it seems to me, there are probably women there who are sexually aggressive also. Women I have known can be just as harassing and treat men like play toys also in their own way. The divide I guess does not allow them to fave charges of groping and harassing men, like vice versa does it?

I know it is the male population of the planet that is guilty right, we are all perverts and grab women whenever we want right, wrong.  There are some issues in this one that causes my radar and antenna to rotate and radiate so to say. I grew up in the 1960’s and 1970’s and I have seen many things in life and sexual harassment is just one and it is done by both sexes. Women go after men they find attractive and do so by flirting left and right and then moving in slowly for the kill just like men do. They even get away with grabbing men by their exteriors so to say, to be polite here. Some everyday, treat men as play toys for their use in bedrooms or wherever they decide to want to. So it is a two sided edge to the blade currently cutting through our politicians in Congress, but you won’t see a woman humiliated and pushed from Congress for it, I bet on that one. We have to be careful, with these allegations, and realize that even for some, these allegations are false. I am not say that women are not the ones mostly having this done to them, but some have it done to them also. It covers both sexes and intermingles through all people in the world. There are age old cases of this in the world and as all know women are referred to as the fairer sex. Yet I know from personal experience that women can be aggressive and just as grabby and harassing as men can, in both the workplace and in public. It has happened to e in jobs I have worked in and it probably has to other men as well.  So let’s not get too crazy over this, it is wrong I agree wherever and whenever it occurs, but, we do populate the planet and further the human race through sex. It is just that some are not taught the proper ways to interact with the opposite sex and they don’t want to understand no when told it.

The actions and allegations that are now causing Congressmen And Senators to Resign, has been around since the days of Adam and Eve folks. So when we examine this be careful, for I believe we will ultimately find out many accusations are false and made up up in an effort at revenge by some women, or by damaged women who are getting even. We need to delve deeper into the issue folks, I don’t deny the women their rights to accuse or charge, but I do wonder how many of these women wee victims of sexual abuse at home by their fathers or mothers and now are seeking revenge in their older age as a reaction to society as a whole and a vindictiveness against the opposite sex.  You tell me folks and we may all know, but I do know from personal experience that accusations can be false and impossible to disprove for men. When women point a finger at a man, and say we sexually abused them or touched them or harassed them verbally, they can ruin a man’s life, career and family. They can ostracize us and make us, unacceptable for jobs we are good at or needed at. The damage can be deadly, some men end up in jail accused of crimes they did not do, all because of an angry and vengeance driven woman who is vindictive, for whatever reasons. I know this will cause an uproar in women everywhere in the world and in the USA. Yet I must state this, many innocent men end up jailed and in prison, for crimes they did not commit but are accused of  by women, and their children. and Many children are used to get even with their fathers by their mothers, what mothers and father all forget is this, children are not toys to be used by either parent, nor should they be used as weapons. I had my daughter acuss me of such acts and almost got convicted and sentenced to twenty years in prison for it. I was lucky, for a Prosecutor who had experience and a brain, caught my ex-wife and daughter in their lies, and all was dropped and I was let loose, and no record exists. It was expunged from existence because it was false, false accusations are dangerous folks, and if a woman or a man makes false accusations they should be charged with a crime also and convicted, you damage people’s lives, families and futures and take away possibilities from them when it is done. There should be a law created to protect all from False Accusations, and it should be one that shows how to properly check to see if the allegation brought are true or not, to convict someone of a sex crime or harassment crime, tarnishes their reputation, and damages their lives, at home and at work. We need a false Accusation Law to protect all involved, the false accuser is just as dangerous in this case as the perpetuator, Congress should look at this and write a law punishing False Accusers when they lie, or make false statements against anyone.

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