7 days till Christmas 2017

It is exactly seven days until Christmas 2017 and as we roll toward Christmas and then a New Year of 2018, I think back over holidays of past years.

As a child born in 1956, the best Christmas’s ever in my life were in my young days. When we would come down and there was either two of three of us kids in the house. Dad worked overtime in the factory, mom overtime as a Nurse’s aid and we kids went to school.

The House was always clean, I don’t know how mom did it at the time and dad always was there to help and cook as well as work his ass off daily being the breadwinner for us all. The Money was always there to buy us gifts and toys and food and dress us decent. We never really wanted for much, not in my opinion, we ate well and lived pretty happy in an apartment in the North Side of Waterbury, CT in the Projects. We seemed to have it all and on Christmas Morning, we would always awake before mom and dad and run down into the living room and inspect the presents and piles of them, surrounded the tree and out into the room. We would go thru each pile so neatly placed for each of us to see who got more, but they were smart, each of us got the same amount. No fighting was allowed at all and all were happy. we got baseball gloves, footballs, baseballs, clothes and even erector sets and books. We had simple things like sleds, wagons and such too, monopoly games and chutes and ladders too. we had things that were simple to use and enjoy and we were happy with them all back then.

One year we came down and the pile was smaller for each of us and we wondered why. It had been a rough year for us, but mom and dad did not fail to make us happy and smile. Three, Bicycles surrounded the tree that year a two wheeler for each of us shiney and brand new. I remember them well, and Dad took them to the small town of Wolcott, across from his dad’s home, and we would ride them on the weekends, as he worked a plot of land he had bought to build a home on. It was indeed a Christmas and following summer to remember. But alas, in the end all the bikes disappeared one day, when we arrived, the shed door was broken into and all three bikes were stolen from us. But, that one Christmas morning, our eyes were bright with joy and happiness and it was a morning to remember and a Christmas one too. We never got new bikes again, for we were never fithy rich or having lots of money. but we made it all work and that my friends is what Family is, and that is what memories are made of.

Happy Holidays ALL!


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