6 Days till X-mas

As others rush to and fro, shopping and back and forth to work, prior to the big day, as a retired, disabled veteran I sit home and relax to music, and watch the traffic and people go by. I venture out now and then to stores for groceries and do my Xmas shopping online over the internet and let the Post Office deliver them.

I think of earlier times and Christmases past. People who have come and gone in my life and some I miss greatly. When you reach 61 going on 62 you too will reminisce about the past and still carry on like I do for you have an alternative to it, you’re in no hurry for.  We all face our own mortality folks sooner or later and as we age we dream of those who have left before we have and wonder when will be our time. So I have taken to an attitude of living each day to the fullest and enjoying life the best I can. Each moment we are on the planet we all share is a blessing, believe me.

Each day I wake up and take a deep breath of fresh air, feel the temperature on my skin, see the light, I try to enjoy it in all ways. I love music, listening to it of all kinds, but my favorites are Country and Rock and Rock and some call it Folky tunes. Music makes my soul happy and keeps me flowing along so to say. I like to listen and play it to such an extent I even DJ in Second Life now and then. Music makes people happy and myself included of course and that is the best thing to do in life make people happy.

Memories of early family and childhood come back during this time of year and the memory of those long gone and now short gone hit me too. It is hard when your parents die young in their fifties on you, for instance my father, real one went at 55 years old, mom at 59 and step-father at 59 also. All Cancer Victims, and I lost a very old friend this year to cancer also, but bless her soul she survived with it from 18 till 60. But Alas while cancer is in my life also, I am a lung cancer survivor my wife is a breast cancer/ Bone cancer survivor also, we fight the good fight of survival for sure. Cancer cares not of color, race, or background folks, it devours from within and you never know when it will win, so you fight to the very end all I know who have had it did and we still do today.

I reflect back on those who died from my teenage years, the first girl I kissed, old friends who committed suicide at young ages, and this enow who did it at older ages. Those who died of heart disease and failure, and most of all, those who were friends, in all ways. I have lost parents, friends and surrogate parents too over the years,and I owe each of them a lot for they made me who I am today, God Bless Them all!

Christmas to many is, what do I get from Santa for especially the young children out there whose eyes and hearts fill with laughter and joy each year. They have their innocence and years to grow and learn and that is vital for them and humanities future. Over time they will learn too that the Holiday is more about giving than receiving, it is more about togetherness than separations, it is more about caring and being there, for as time goes on you lose those special moments of being with those you loved and care about, they pass. But the memories you make with them, stay with you forever folks, they may pass but they memories of them will never fade as long as you’re alive. So, as Christmas comes at a fast rate now, with only 6 days till it now, I leave you today with this message, Enjoy it all, build your memories of family and friends so when you get to the point where they are all gone and you are left, you can look back  in your mind and heart and laugh and smile at them. For that is what makes humanity special the memories, make sure you make good ones!.

                       Happy Holidays From me to all out there!





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